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Topic: Hello - RMX help needed

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    Hello - RMX help needed

    Hi to everyone here,
    I'm a new poster to this interesting forum and I am hoping you might be able to offer some help with a problem that I have with bad audio distortion in Stylus RMX. Since reinstalling on my rebuilt music only PC, any sounds that are loaded now appear very chopped/digitally clipped. Note; I have also raised a query to tech support at Spectrasonics but I'm not sure how fast their response is having never had any cause to use them - RMX has always been robust.

    I have been using the PC without any major problem since early 2005, RMX is a much used plug in along with many others (SampleTank, SonikSynth, Kontakt, Addictive Drums...) and recently upgraded the CPU to a dual core.
    Changes to my current system from the original are listed below;
    - Opteron 175 installed from Athlon 64 3500+,
    - Matrox G450 video card from Winfast A340,
    - Win XP Home OEM installed (previous version was also XP Home but it was pre installed on the PC when purchased),
    - XP was a clean install on the original, newly formatted drive.
    All other applications appear to be running well; Cubase (previously clicked/popped on significant projects) is very robust with no audio artefacts apparent when running heavily loaded projects multiple VSTs appear sound.
    I have already tried reinstalling over the original install, and also deleting & reinstalling RMX again, and I have also updated to the latest versions RMX & Sage with no improvement. I have checked the Knowledge base but, find little reference to any audio issues (all suggested XP improvements carried out).
    The only other item of note is that the OS drive has managed to be configured as F: (rather than C, the Raid is configured to D)!

    Sorry for the long post, hoping that someone might suggest an approach, many thanks in advance

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    Re: Hello - RMX help needed

    Sometimes that happens when you use a very large audio buffer size. Try turning it down if it is over 200ms.

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    Re: Hello - RMX help needed *Now Resolved*

    Cracked it!!
    It was the asio driver.
    Not sure how ... not sure why but, I reinstalled the M Audio 1010 driver and all was OK (actually Glenn, thanks for your response - it made me think hard that it had to be audio performance related). I still don't understand why it had picked on RMX and appeared to be good with everything else, but hey we're not supposed to always understand things are we?

    Hope to be a visitor to this forum more regularly from now on, it's definitely persuaded me to go get 'RMX Expanded' for 2008 in the offer, it's a no brainer!
    All the best to all for 2008.

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