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Topic: kirk hunter solo strings

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    kirk hunter solo strings

    so I'm playing with the solo violin patch that came with my diamond hd and I open up the mapping editor for this patch. I notice that there seems to be no velocity layers...or am I mistaken? I read in the manual that the intensity is controlled by the modwheel..but is this just the volume? Just need a little clarification..

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    Re: kirk hunter solo strings

    Hi re1man,

    I'm looking at the solo violin that comes with the Ruby version, and there are many velocity layers associated with this instrument. Within the mapping editor there are many samples stacked on top of one another, however, so you need to reposition or delete some to see others.


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    Re: kirk hunter solo strings

    It all depends on which instrument (patch) you load. The first one is "strad_k" which is a keyswitched patch. The first articulation in this instruments is legato with some vibrato. This articulation has 4 velocity layers. Some articulations have more, some less....it all depends on which one you're going for.

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