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Topic: AKP on youtube

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    AKP on youtube


    if someone have an idea to upload a better quality audio in youtube....

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    Re: AKP on youtube

    What is AKP? Sorry not to know the abbreviation.

    Part of this sounds good, but it's strange that the audio is so, shall we say, challenged. Is that because of the desire to deliver the video fast over the internet, so just basic audio will do? What are the video players that support good audio? They may require a longer download, but they would give us a better representation of what was played.

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    Wink Re: AKP on youtube

    Akoustik Piano I imagine, and there I was thinking that Jake Johnson was the virtual pianoman

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    Re: AKP on youtube

    Hi Oliver

    Like the piece, what drum software are you using?

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    Re: AKP on youtube

    There go my piano creds...

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    Re: AKP on youtube

    Quote Originally Posted by studio64

    what drum software are you using?
    Just Kontakt 2 library (GM drums)

    Mozart Piano concerto n'23



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    Re: AKP on youtube

    The dynamics in the concerto don't sound quite expressive enough for a song like that, and the octave below middle-C sounds kinda. . .nasty. You should try another pass using a good convolution sample to soften it and give it body, and it should blend in with the orchestra quite a bit better, too. Good playing, though.

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