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Topic: New songs for a movie(for youtube)....

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    Cool New songs for a movie(for youtube)....

    hi it's good to back on the forums

    here's some new song i did

    EDIT:Video removed,sorry

    and hears the links to the mp3s of the music from the movie which are in 320kbps




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    Re: New songs for a movie(for youtube)....

    Nice, good job!

    If I am allowed to make a small critique, I'd say exaggerate dynamics more. It'll seem a lot more epic-sounding, and also the loud, "in your face" parts will seem even more so.

    By the way, the french horn sounds fantastic--what library is that from?

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    Re: New songs for a movie(for youtube)....

    my honest opinion would be that this was a great arrangement for the wrong video clip. They were not connected to each other at all. It sounded more like the sound track for "Alexander the great", "star wars", and such than this particular video game. The scenes did not support the music at all, and in fact were distracting. Trust me, if you take this music and put it on a totally random "heroic/epic" type of movie, it will fit perfectly fine.I don't know, may be it's just my personal taste.

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    Smile Re: New songs for a movie(for youtube)....



    i meant for hit sound "wrong" i want it to be melodramtic somewhat

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    Cool Re: New songs for a movie(for youtube)....

    Gregjazz,the french horn and entire orchestra is from QLSO Silver XP

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