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Topic: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

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    Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    I'm looking for a sample library which contain trumpet samples suitable for smooth jazz/cocktail/lounge music. I would need samples with a mute as well.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    WIVI does well there. Check for Tony Ostinato's or Roberto Soggetti's demos on their demos forum at http://wallanderinstruments.com to see if this is what you're after. They may have slipped to the second page.

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    Garritan Jazz & Big Bands has 5 trumpets, 5 tenor trombones and a bass trombone -- each of which have versions with straight, harmon, cup and bucket mute. There's a plunger, too.

    To me, the cup mute sounds the most loungey om the trumpet. But the degree varies with each trumpet, and changes with the dynamics. It can take a bit of effort to get the sound that you want. I don't agree with the whole key switching and using the mod wheel premise of the Garritan Libraries. And, like most sample libraries bundled with the Kontakt 2 player there can be some headaches getting it authorized and installed. But, on my system, it hasn't caused nearly as much as libraries that use a dongel or rely on the giga or halion players.

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    Outside of the WIVI (in the process of evaluating this myself-better for you to check firsthand as sounds are very subjective and personal )

    The fluegel horn in the Garritan JABB library is quite good and expressive I have found - (used with a breath controller could help a lot too)

    DO a search for "Old Bob" in the Listening room - located on this site. He has a few postings of the JABB fluegel that are very good. He uses a breath controller but I think you can do the same thing with the mod wheel (??)

    I find a lot of it comes down to how well one plays like the actual instrument - phrasing, breathing - attention to the smallest detail etc.

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    There's a new trumpet that's being released at the end of January. Check it out at http://www.samplemodeling.com/products.php

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    VSL has muted trumpet.

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    Thanks for all the tips.

    I've come across a few other interesting products. This one for example: http://www.soundfonts.it/?a=read&b=25 . WHat do you think about that one? I'm thinking it's quite nice - and it's not expensive.

    Also, Ueberchall has a product they call Liquid Trumpets. It's based on a library of licks which can be modified via an included Melodyne plug in. Has anyone tried it?

    And what about Big Fish - First Call Horns...? Any experiences with it?

    I might ending up getting several products. I remember that's what happened when I decided to get a good piano library... I must have four or five pianos from SampleTekk.

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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    Just to make it more difficult...

    The "Screaming Trumpet" library seems to be pretty good:


    I don't own it, but it's on my personal wish list.


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    Re: Looking for sampled trumpet (with mute)

    I want to start by saying I haven't used the WIVI library, and I haven't heard the demos feature a muted trumpet, but the things I have heard sound great.

    I've done a lot of jazz band tracking and own most of the libraries out there, and I really like the mutes on the First Call Horns. Garritan Jazz and Big Band has all of the same mute sounds, and they are very flexible if you have the time, but in my experience you really have to spend a lot of time editing midi info or using controllers to make those sounds come to life. Also, depending on what you are doing, the Garritan sounds are monophonic, so to have four trumpets play at once you would need to program each trumpet line separately. (So if you are thinking of any sort of live application of the sounds, a trumpet section would be really hard to pull off.)

    The thing I like about the First Call Horns library is that the recordings are not perfect. Some notes have a little imperfection in the sustain or a "bobble" in the pitch or a slight crescendo, so that when I simply play them there is some life in the sound right out of the box. I will say the basic open trumpet sound is a weaker sound compared to Garritan, Screaming Trumpet, or Kick A** Brass, so if you need that sound the First Call library won't help as much. But for mutes or easy jazz trumpet playing I use it frequently. (One little thing I should say is that for some reason the First Call muted trumpets are not all recorded to their full range. I think they top out around a concert b-flat or c, and the bottom is around middle C to the e above. It is rare that you would use the muted instruments in those ranges, but I thought I'd mention it.) For the price and considering you get a full library of trumpets, trombones, saxes, and solo riffs, it is definitely worth having in your library. Good luck!

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