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Topic: Are you a hippie?

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    Are you a hippie?

    Hey dudes and chicks,

    Are you a hippie?

    You may be far out without even knowing it.

    Buck the establishment and go hang out and take the "Are You a Hippie?" test at:


    I mean . . . like . . . you know the test says I'm 63% hippie!

    Man!! Like far out!

    Give it a try, bring your love beads and sock it to ya.

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    Smile Re: Are you a hippie?

    Wow, what a trip! It says I'm only 15% Hippy, but i lied and told them i live in a mansion.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    I was like...Dude! Then I was like.... Whoa! And then I thought...Wow! So then when it was over I like chilled and said ... no way! But it said I was 34% hippie! What a drag, man! I was like a real one (like a hunnert percent!) for a few years (for real) like whoa! But then I found like this thing, man...yeah...and it totally changed my life dude. I mean really, man. So if you ever find this thing...like what I found...could you like...uh...give it back to me? 'Cause, like, I don't remember where I put it last time I had it! Man, whew! Cool.
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    Apparently, I'm on the Danimal side of the fence - but just barely. I scored 49%.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    Far out - I'm ruling as the Hippie Guy Supreme on the thread so far - I really honestly answered all the questions, and got a score of 68%. The description of what that score means:

    "You have a wide-open mind and you have gone to the hippie toolbox, taken what you need from it, and built your own beautiful life. You defy stereotypes. Perfect score."

    Well right on! I like it - not categorizable, obviously liberal, but defying stereotypes--That's great!

    Only question I objected to was the one about body art. Tattoos became a fad Way after us hippies. I don't care for Tatts and it Definitely wasn't part of the movement. They were still rarely seen back In The Day.

    And I still have this thing where I think that Tatts only belong on Sailors, Gypsies, and people in Carnival Side Shows. I wouldn't be caught dead with a Tatt. All these young gals with Tatts on their --everywhere, I want to say "oooh I'm so sorry you think that's cool - It's as conforming for you to do that as it was for girls to 'rat' their hair in the early '60's, and equally as 'attractive.'"

    A psychologist friend of mine suggested I get in the Tattoo removal business, because I'd make a fortune 10 years from now when people all over America are going to wake up and say "OMG, what I was thinking? This Tatt is like completely sleazy--I GOtta get it off!" --hehe---and I think he's right.

    Just 'cause I'm an old Hippie doesn't mean I go for quasi-counter-cultural fads--in fact, just the opposite.

    --but here's a plaintive Hippie plea for ya - When are all the things we learned as a country, and then forgot, going to be learned again? Soon please, ok? Like, um, before it's too late!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    I got 61!!!

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    Hummm. . . . 43% hippie. . . . LOL!

    It further explains. . .

    You're in the middle, leaning towards the non-hippie side of things, but you're not afraid to try out some hippie philosophies. Good going! An open mind is all a person really needs to lead a happy life.

    I'm happy with that. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    65%, close but no granola.

    The answers to a few of these were not exactly all-encompassing, so I had to pick the least worst option, which I wasn't really in agreement with.

    On the other hand, I usually bathe frequently enough to not truly qualify.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    15% hippie, but I suspect that's only because some of the questions didn't have a less-hippie option.

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    Re: Are you a hippie?

    Ask a question and you'll get a wordy discourse!

    I tried the test more than once, with some different but equally true answers, and my score ranged from 50 to early 60's. It said, "You're near the middle of the spectrum, but you've got an open mind. Society needs more people like you." Sounds O.K. It's true, I could be seen as a flower child, with long hair and flowing, artistic clothes. Always different, but never too daring or baring. More like from another time, and appropriate for playing harp & harpsichord and contemplating ancient Chinese poetry. (I was different from birth, not just from when the hippie movement started.) But there was a time I wanted to be a mathematician or theoretical astrophysicist, which seemed one way of uncovering the mysteries of the (physical) universe. In other words, categorization doesn't make a lot of sense.

    They didn't give enough options in the "Pets" category; what if you love animals but don't have any? And I agree with Randy about tattoos.

    There are so many aspects to what is or was considered a "hippie" mindset and lifestyle. And so many stereotypes! Sometimes a person (myself included) would choose to focus on some or many aspects but not all, keeping a open, non-judgmental attitude full of wonder at the infinite possibilities to explore and experience, yet maintaining discrimination and hopefully some wisdom--following my own drummer and never a group's.

    Here are a few qualities typically associated with the "hippie" way:

    (1). Healthy, natural lifestyle. Concern about clean air, water, organic foods, balanced gentle living, preferably in a non-city environment.
    (2). Non-harm to our planet and it's creatures. Environmental awareness. It's in the media big-time now, of course.
    (3). The spiritual quest. Deep desire to understand and embrace the truth of who we really are, our connections to our fellow beings, and our connection to the source of all life, God, the infinite Presence which transcends yet interpenetrates this physical "reality."
    (4). Those lifestyle experiments that started in the 60's and 70's, some of which continue to this day, others much less. Partaking of psychoactive substances, "free love," communal living, etc. Could conflict with #1, above. Often served as a wake-up call, and often the most stereotyped.
    (5). Free and uninhibited self-expression. Artistic flowering, unhindered by constraints of the past. Explosion of creativity.
    (6). Emotional honesty. Releasing old strictures, like "men don't cry." Freedom to be ourselves, to be "real."
    (7). Tolerance. Letting down the walls that separate us, the "better-than's." Recognizing that we're all part of one human family.

    Again, a given "hippie" may have embraced all or only part of the above. And there are overlaps with very creative people, too.

    Enough's enough. She runneth off at the mouth. You all know this anyway.


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