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Topic: Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

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    Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

    I've been experiementing with using both CC-1 and CC-2 (and many others) as controllers in Sonar with JABB and wanted to know other peoples thoughts. They both seem to control volume, but I'm hard pressed to hear a difference in timbre or other aspects.

    My questions are:
    Are they intended to function the same way?
    Is there an interaction between the two?
    For trumpet and sax, do they interact with CC-26 and 27 in term of timbre and tone.

    I guess if I knew the interactions between controllers, then it would be easier to understand their impact. For example, if I shape CC-1 to rise during a 1/2 note and keep cc-26 constant, then the tone quality will only change a little bit, but if I increase cc-26 the same rate, then the tone will change more. What if CC-2 was active during the same note?

    The forum has been fun to read and many thanks for the posts. It has been quite absorbing working with JABB. My wife wonders if I will ever come out of my music room.

    I am starting to get the hang of things and just want to learn more. The tutorials and examples are helpful, but they don't talk about interactions between controllers.



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    Re: Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

    From Page 40 of the JABB PDF documentation:

    Note: With the Kontakt2 Player version of J&BB mod wheel (cc#1,) isn’t the only way to control
    volume/timbre. Expressive instruments will also respond to breath control (cc#2) or MIDI
    expression (cc#11.) It is not necessary to take any steps to activate these alternate controllers – they
    are always available. One important caveat: You must use only one of these controllers at a time.

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    Re: Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

    Thanks. I've read the manual about 4 times and still missed that. But do they perform the exact same function?


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    Re: Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

    Yes, CC1 and CC2 do exactly the same thing.

    The reason, Garritan libs are designed to be playable in real time. Since, many keyboards have a mod wheel (CC1) that was chosen as volume control.

    Many wind players prefer to use a breath controller (CC2) since that comes naturally to them and is more imntuitive than the mod wheel.

    Without direct support of CC2, one would need to remap CC2 to CC1. With KP2 they have this setup automatically to use either.

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    Re: Mod Wheel vs Breath Control function

    Thanks for the response Craig. JABB is kind of like trying to learn to fly a helicopter! But the demos are very inspirational. I've got arrangements in my head that can come to life now.


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