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Topic: Recording JABB and GPO

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    Recording JABB and GPO

    I am using Sibelius for some music I am writing, and I am using both JABB and GPO Studio. However, GPO Studio only records sounds made by GPO Studio, so the JABB sounds aren't recorded. How do I record both?

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    Re: Recording JABB and GPO

    This is one of the main reasons I updated to SIB5. In sib4, I had to record the sib stuff and then record the Jabb stuf and join them in another program. Not Fun. In sib5, all sounds are recorded at once.


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    Re: Recording JABB and GPO

    Why not use Garritan Studio, the successor to GPO Studio. It hosts not only GPO-KP1 but also JABB-KP1.

    If you use KP2, you can use Audacity (on PC) to record with.

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