Just moved up from 2000 to XP and reinstalled Cubase SE, and it works. However, when opening my old projects with my oft used drum vst (DK+), it stops and says it can't find the samples (and gives a list). It says to "put the files in the required path and restart or hit cancel to load without the samples." If I hit cancel, it stops loading the project, it I hit continue, it freezes or shuts the computer down.

Well, I did move most of my samples to make them more organized, and don't remember where they went. I can't get any projects open to find out where DK+ wants them, so what do I do? Is there a way to read a project file to see what this vsti is looking for? Or is there a way to brute force open the file, skipping the sample loading?

I could sure use some help, I've tried anything I could think of to fool it and placed multiple copies of the samples all over the place.