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Topic: Problem with Ethno Techno SAGE Expander

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    Stylus RMX: Problem with Ethno Techno SAGE Expander

    On the Ethno Techno disc there's a folder called "Ethno Techno Multis" that contains two folders: "Original Mixes" and "RMX Xpander Multis". After a custom install on my Mac (OS 10.4.11, Logic 8.0.1, SAGE folder on separate hard drive), The "Original Mixes" show up in Stylus RMX, but not the "RMX Xpander Multis". I copied the folder - that didn't get installed automatically - manually to different locations ("Multis", "Ethno Techno Multis", "User Multis") in order to make the content show up in Stylus RMX (BTW, the first multi in this folder is called "063-Spot is Sleepy.mlt_rmx"), but had no success.

    Any help is very much appreciated. (My $99 expander pack arrived yesterday, but I hesitate to install the other libs before this problem isn't solved.)

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    Re: Problem with Ethno Techno SAGE Expander

    I have the ethno techno rmx expander multis installed in: Applications>Sage>Stylus RMX>Patches>Multis>Ethno Techno Multis>RMX Expander Multis, and its showing up in RMX no problem in OSX 10.4.11.

    I had some problems with the installer working for the expansion packs (not finding the correct locations for installing), and so just dragged the library files to the correct locations by hand.


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    Re: Problem with Ethno Techno SAGE Expander


    thank you for your reply. There's obviously a general flaw in the Ethno Techno intaller.
    I did the same thing as you (copying by hand), and the missing multis are indeed showing up in RMX on my machine, too. The fact that at first I thought that the "by hand" approach didn't work (which was the reason for my cry for help here) was caused by an operator's error (aka brainfart by yours truly) - please don't ask me to reveal the embarrassing details...

    Everything is fine now. Thanks again.


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