so, im working with the "old" Vsl lib in K2 now, and i just got a new computer with 4gbs of ram.

Since i realy havent been paying attention to the technical side of things for a few years...i just have to ask.

Should i now disable the virtual memory in windows xp 32 bit version.?

i can get Cubase to load up around 1.8 Gb or ram, then i get a message saying k2 is likely to become unstable, and does, it just crashes cubase instantly.

I also wanna run Bidule to make use of the remaning ram outside of cubase, but i notcied that windows is still using more than 1GB of virtual memory..?
So will there be a negative effect towards how much sample material i can load up if i disable the paging file? or the opposite?

Im reluctant to try before getting some advice in here