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Topic: Notes clipping off in GS3.20 orchestra

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    Notes clipping off in GS3.20 orchestra

    Does anyone have a solution to notes (for example a cymbal crash) clipping off after a second or so. I'm sure it's related to polyphony but in my case, the peak voices are hitting around 32 and I've got the max polyphony set to 1124. If I were to solo the cymbal track, it would play the full sample every time but if I add other drums, the cymbal would soon choke off. I've got 1GB of RAM, XP SP2, Pentium 4 CPU 3Ghtz (2 processors), RME Digi9636 sound card and a dedicated drive for the samples. I've selected "self-mask on all regions". I've set up the system with the preferences listed at the Tascam site. I've checked the midi data to see if any note-off messages were sent (nope). By the way, I'm not using any plug-ins or convolution - only about 4 midi tracks with drum samples. Here's the short-term remedy I've been using: I press the Halt/Start Audio Engine button twice and everything works fine for about 5 minutes, then the problem starts again. I've tried re-installing GS and even re-installing windows.

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    Re: Notes clipping off in GS3.20 orchestra

    well firstly keep in mind haveing multiple processors doesnt mean anything for GS3, it has no clue, or if you have more than 2gb RAM, it just doesnt see it. As for your polyphony issues, it might be a RAM restriction... 1gb isnt much for many GS samples, especially some of the big multisamples... there are some piano libraries that a single piano instrument loaded would eat it all up

    What you set the max polyphony to means nothing as its sure to be capped by RAM restrictions before it can get much past the default settings

    Are you running any other apps on this computer? I would suggest, to maximize your GS experience, to get 2g ram and to make this machine completely 100% dedicated to GS3. I mean no virus scanner, no cool pictures on the desktop, no finale, nothing other then GS and the drivers to support your sound cards. Also there is some settings in windows -- right click "My Computer" select properties, click Advanced tab, click performance "Settings" and click "adjust for best performance"

    hope that helps!
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Notes clipping off in GS3.20 orchestra

    Thanks for the advice Christopher. Sound like you know your stuff. I guess a RAM upgrade is in order. BTW, the samples I'm using work fine for about 30 minutes, then the problem starts happening. If I recycle the audio engine, everything works again for about 5 minutes - then the problem starts all over again. I've reinstalled Windows XP, have no unnecessary programs, no internet connection. If more RAM doesn't work, I'll move on to Kontakt or something else. Thanks again!

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