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Topic: computer speakers

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    computer speakers

    I need to replace my 12 year old computer speakers (cheap to begin with) with a new set. What are the best brand computer speakers that will be near monitor quality? What about wireless? Please help, at present looking at all of the claims is making it hard to separate reality from conjecture.
    Thanks all who answer.

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    Re: computer speakers

    I just bought a pair of Mackie HR824's and they are GREAT! They plug right into my soundcard with a "Y" cable.
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    Re: computer speakers

    I have 2 sets of Logitech systems that are very good. The one on my DAW is a surround system and on my internet computer I have an 8" subwoofer with 2 treble satellites which really give me excellent sound.

    There are a lot of good options available today. If you shop carefully you won't go wrong.
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    Re: computer speakers

    These are NOT cheap ... but very very good


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