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Topic: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

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    "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    Hey ya'll! I have great news! So yesterday, after reading some you guys' comments.... I got a burst of inspiration and wrote the last part to my percussion ensemble show. I wanted an intense ending, so it's a lot more high powered than "A Quiet Place to Think."

    My latest piece, "Battle of the Heart," (temporarily named because I can't name pieces worth a lick), was done all today. It has excerpts from one of my original pieces, "I'm Far From Here", but don't think that that takes away from the whole piece as a whole.

    I need some of your thoughts guys... if all is well, my next challenge is to mesh them all together as one unit, one theme. I think it can be done. To me, I feel like the music gives me emotions of the heart... but I don't know I am clueless at what can be a namely title for them all.

    Part I: "Rush"

    Part II: "A Quiet Place to Think"

    Part III: "Battle of the Heart"

    Enjoy you guys!!! Thanks for all the encouragement you guys give me :-)
    Nieves Villasenor

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    Hi, Nieves

    Whoosh! - One day's work? Now that's impressive. I have no idea how anyone could put together a recording lilke this so fast - I sure couldn't do it.

    You were born with a little snare drum around your neck weren't you. I bet your first words were "BOOM BOOM" instead of "Mama" or "Dada."

    I love what you do.

    --a little side note. We try to avoid posting new pieces until our current one is off the front page. That leaves more space for other folks who want to get their stuff heard (see Tom Hopkins' posting guidelines in the "sticky post" section at the top of this page).

    I'm SO wide awake now after the adrenalin rush of your new piece!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    Thanks for this piece!!
    I havent seen very many percussion pieces on the forum.
    I enjoyed all three pieces and hope your plans to 'join' them together works out well.

    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    Eat your heart out, Stomp! Love it, love it, love it!

    Sorry, I'm not the person to ask about naming music. I'm hopeless at it. Although sometimes I enjoy trying different languages with simple words - e.g. if you wanted German, one might try
    Herzliede (Heart songs) or
    Herzgefühle (Heart emotions)
    As I said, no good at naming!

    I'm sure this will work great as a suite - even as three separate movements with maybe virtually no pause between them.

    Well done!

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble


    Another great piece.

    I find that after I listen to one of my pieces long enough, it will always tell me its name.

    As far as joining them, as I said before, I am sure you will find the way to do it.

    Well done


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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble


    Oh master of the drum line, what an output you have produced!!! This is very cool, very different from what is normally presented in the forum. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    Once again, I love your use of percussion. I guess i missed your post of "A Quiet Place to Think," but I got it here, so I'll comment on them both! A Quiet Place really had a nice sort of lullaby/forest medow feel to it which I really love, and Battle of the Heart was very solid all the way through, I especially enjoyed the contrasting texture at the end when you switched to a stacatto feel with the dampened vibes and such. Very nicely done! Can't wait to hear more!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble

    I'd like to thank you guys for the praise you have given my work. I've always considered the feedback you guys give me some of the most essential to making me a better composer... and I've noticed it works the same with everyone else as well. :-)

    I think I learn more and more every time I write a new piece about the instruments I write for. Many of you know, I have never played a percussion instrument in my life. Every thing that I write is based off of what I have learned from listening to other music. Whether it be Drum Corps International, Winter Percussion Drumlines, Marching Bands, Symphonies.... thats how I learn. Thank you guys for the comments, it lets me know I'm going the right direction!

    As for it being different from the things that are normally posted... cool eh? I confess though, I aspire to write to just like you guys do someday.... so sophisticated and such. I'll get there. ;-) Trust me!!!!

    Thank you everyone!
    Nieves Villasenor

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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble


    Would you list your instrumentation and GPO or GCMB instruments that you are using.



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    Re: "Battle of the Heart" Indoor Marching Percussion Ensemble


    *Vibraphone 1
    *Vibraphone 2
    Marimba 1
    Marimba 2
    Snare Line
    Tenor Line
    Bass Line (5 Drums)
    Accessories: Concert Bass, Cymbals, Ride Cymbal, *Splash Cymbal, *Zildjian Gong

    *From VDL2 Library

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