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Topic: Gofriller Cello Octave?

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    Gofriller Cello Octave?

    I recently began to use the Gofriller Cello and I love the sound and the way it works with Finale 2008.

    My only problem is that it plays all of the notes 1 octave below where they are writtne in Finale.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a setting I'm missing?


    David M.

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    Re: Gofriller Cello Octave?

    Cello is non-transposing, but I had to raise it an octave in Overture.

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    Re: Gofriller Cello Octave?

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    Re: Gofriller Cello Octave?

    Does this fix work in Overture as well as Finale? I just installed the Gofriller and it is sounding an octave below. Worse, the first note of my piece is a B flat, which, an octave below, is also the keyswitch for pizz. So the whole thing launches with the first note mute and everything after in pizz.

    EDIT. Problem solved by Tatsu in Japan on the Geniesoft forum. Overture users should double click the bass clef and insert the number 12 on the playback area. Maybe this is what was meant by transposing in one of the above posts. I took it to mean writing the notes an octave higher which generally means scoring for cello in the treble clef. That also works but is somewhat ridiculous. The midi transpose facility in the Gofriller itself only changes the playback pitch, it does not change the effect of the note on keyswitches etc.

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