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Topic: GPO and Tracktion3 - crashes - any advice??

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    GPO and Tracktion3 - crashes - any advice??

    Hi all,
    I'm very excited about the GPO and was a long time user of Tracktion1. I recently upgraded to the Tracktion 3 Project Bundle, which includes the Garritan Personal Orchestra Tracktion 3 Lite Edition. H

    owever, EVERY time that I open T3, and then pull out a filter to use the Kontakt2 Player as a VST within Tracktion, my system COMPLETELY locks up. The standalone version of Kontakt2 will work, but that isn't useful to me as I want to do my work in Tracktion - that's why I bought it and how I even got the GPO!

    I sent in a report of this to Native Instruments who told me that any support had to come from Mackie (even though T3 loads and works AND the standalone version of the Kontakt2 player loads - btw - the GPO sounds are great!).

    I've searched and posted to the KVR forums (Tracktion) and with Mackie - the KVR folks seemed to think that there was a new Garritan player (Aria??) coming out to resolve this. If that's the case, is there a scheduled release and update schedule for folks like me??

    I know from reading forums at KVR and at Mackie that other people have had the same problem specifically with the GPO and Kontakt2.

    Does anyone here or with Garritan have any advice?? I'd love to use the GPO sounds within Tracktion 3 - but right now, any attempt locks up my machine.

    Sorry if I sound frustrated. I actually went so far as to completely uninstall GPO and the NI Service Center, and to reinstall them, still with no luck. And the NI response of basically "sorry, we don't help customers" left me very, very disappointed (and not particularly enthused about their customer support).

    The version of Kontakt2 is according to the installer. I installed it as a VST and as a standalone.

    Thanks in advance,
    Steve Little

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    Re: GPO and Tracktion3 - crashes - any advice??

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry to hear about the Tracktion difficulties and your NI troubles. I am not very familiar with Tracktion, I admit, but hopefully I can help:

    1. What are your system specs? (XP/Vista or Mac/Leopard?; CPU, RAM, etc) Are you running an admin account? NI likes administrative power.
    2. Your Kontakt Player is not up to date and updating it to version 2.2.4 may resolve this issue. Use the NI Service Center Application to do this.

    Regarding ARIA, I know a port of GPO is anticipated, but I am not the right person to tell you when or what the upgrade path will be.


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    Re: GPO and Tracktion3 - crashes - any advice??

    Thanks for the advice, and here are the system specs: I'm running on a Toshiba Tablet Model R15-S822 with a 1.6 GHz Centrino (single core). I'm running XP with SP2. The machine has 1GB RAM, and I do have admin privledges. I'm using the integrated SoundMAX audio for playback. I am running the latest version of Tracktion3.

    I used the info in a thread earlier in the support forums to update my Kontakt Player to 2.2.4 last night (after I posted here). Even with the latest update, no joy. I was so hopeful too... I did observe that VST Plug was installed into a VSTPlugins/Steinberg folder. Opening a K2 filter/player in T3 still results in a full on system hang (hourglass cursor forever - even Ctl/Alt/Del won't work).

    The standalone GPO/Kontakt2 player (v 2.2.4) works just fine - I was tinkering with it last night, and I'm amazed at the quality of the samples. The Harp and the Steinway were impressive, and one of my kids plays violin and we talk a lot about the quality of violin samples (typically hokey) and she was impressed with the Violin Solo samples.

    I went back and even looked through the install logs - the only thing that seemed at all odd in the K2 and GPO install log was these lines:
    Could not Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\NI_DFD_1._5.dll
    Could not Self-Register: C:\WINDOWS\system32\NI_IRC_1._2.dll
    I looked in system32 and those files DO exist there.

    Thanks - Steve

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