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Topic: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

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    KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    What's the consensus on the forum about whether GPO & JABB using KP1 can (or should) coexist on a WinXP computer when a Strad (KP2) comes to join them ? (This problem is brought to you courtesy of the Gary-Go-Round...)

    I only ever run GPO and JABB as VSTs within Sonar 5.2: I don't have a standalone Kontakt player of any description.

    I'm happy to have a go at upgrading my GPO and JABB to KP2 if that means I can use them at the same time as the Strad. I'd also like to be able to use piano with normal sustain at the same time as other GPO instruments using Midi CC, which I understand can be done only in KP2. However, please dissuade me from this if it's a lot of pain and agony for nothing.

    I haven't yet installed the Strad at all... I await helpful advice (please !) . Grateful for all tips. Thanks !

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    Re: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    Hi Viv,

    GPO with Kontakt Player 1 and Strad with Kontakt Player 2 are behaving well together here on the same disk. GPO will have the name "PersonalOrchestraVST" and all the newer versions will be accessible under "KontaktPlayer2".

    Related topic maybe: The one thing I did when transitioning from GPO K1 to GPO K2 was that I copied the sample library to a new directory and pointed the upgrade procedure to it. Just to be sure that the old version will also be fine, and so I can even run GPO old and new plus Strad etc. at the same time.
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    Re: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    If you wanted them to co-exist, they can quite happily. I used KP2 with Strad and KP1 for GPO for quite some time when the update first came out and there were some bugs that made it difficult to use with GPO with KP2. But all the bugs that bothered me were cleared up and now I don't think there should be a reason why you shouldn't upgrade GPO and JABB to KP2. It really makes life a lot easier. And even if you upgrade GPO you can always return to KP1 if need be by renaming the instrument folders, provided you choose to back up the old library and not uninstall KP1.
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    Re: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    I outline the procedure in this thread.


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    Re: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    Thanks very much, all of you
    I will take the plunge and install when I feel brave (maybe tomorrow !).

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    Re: KP1, KP2: coexist or not ?

    Hi, Viv - I too used GPO and JABB through their original KP1 players for some time after I had The Strad with its KP2. No problems at all having projects with the two different players at the same time.

    Then, when it seemed like the smoke had cleared after the initial release of KP2, I finally upgraded - and am SO glad I did. I'm one of the fortunate ones who had no trouble upgrading JABB and GPO through Native Instruments. Now it's so great to have that one player with everything living happily inside - JABB, GPO, JABB and CMB.

    "...I don't have a standalone Kontakt player of any description..."

    Actually you Do have the stand alone, but you have no reason to use it, and neither do I. Once in a great while, I'll open the standalones for a quick test of an instrument, but otherwise it's all happening inside Sonar, with the Garritan libraries used as VSTs.

    Go upgrade!

    Randy B.

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