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Topic: GPO, MIDI, MusicTime Deluxe

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    GPO, MIDI, MusicTime Deluxe

    I purchased GPO over the holidays, mistakenly thinking that it was a notation/sequencing tool....oops.

    All I have is MusicTime Deluxe. Is there a way to import a MIDI file into GPO?

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    Re: GPO, MIDI, MusicTime Deluxe


    GPO is purely a sampe library

    However, there are good freeware DAWs available such as Music Studio Producer

    There are also freeware notation programs available such as Finale Notepad

    Hope this helps

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    Re: GPO, MIDI, MusicTime Deluxe

    Thank you. Forgive me for being totally clueless with this.I also have Cakewalk Home Studio.So then, how do I integrate these programs? Purely guessing, I would say:1. Compose in MusicTime or other notation program.2. Export as a MIDI file and import into Home Studio.3. Link GPO to the imported MIDI file?4. Render as an audio file.Help me, help me

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    Re: GPO, MIDI, MusicTime Deluxe

    That sounds like a very good way to do it.

    I used to use MusicTime Deluxe back when it was still Passport. It's a little dated now, but what a fine program! In order to get expression and performance you'll need to run it through Homestudio, where you can add CC1 (modwheel) data. Otherwise, your midi tracks will sound very synthetic.

    There is a workaround that will allow you to hear the GPO sounds on playback through MTD. You'll need to download MIDI-Yoke or Maple Virtual MIDI cables, which will create passes that send the information from MTD to GPO. Open the MIDI devices panel and set Ports A and B to two of the Yoke ports. Then turn on those two ports from the MIDI setup menu of the standalone Kontakt Player 2 program. If they are the first two enabled in the MIDI setup list, Ports A and B as well as their transmit channels should correspond exactly. It'll sound synthy, the volumes and blend may be off, and you won't be able to convert it to an audio file yet, but it will give you an idea of the sound you'll get. You can also save your instrument setup in the standalone player and reload it quickly in the plugin version in Home Studio.

    What version of HomeStudio do you have? The later versions allow you to load VST and DXi instruments (soft synths). If you can do this, you should be all set. Load the midi, insert GPO, tweak midi data, select all, and then find the Bounce to Track option to mix down the midi to audio.


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