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Topic: GPO/KP2 documentation

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    GPO/KP2 documentation


    I have just read:-


    Which suggests that the pdf documentation is in the installation folder (PC platform).

    I have just installed GPO version 3 and I have the GPO pdf manual which I think is a model for clarity and style BUT where Oh ,where has the KP2 manual gone??

    Are there any other sources for KP2 documentation?

    Would this be a good topic for a tutorial?


    Being relatively new to soft synths , can one with KP switch sounds via channel/patch changes? Or is the patch concept not relevant? I should mention that I have managed to load different instruments into one KP2 instance and play back tracks (using SONAR HS).

    PS I thought i had posted on this topic today but cannot
    find the earlier post!!

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    Re: GPO/KP2 documentation

    Hmm, I am not aware of a specific Kontakt Player manual. I think everything you need should be in the GPO manual.

    If there are specific questions then ask, we try to answer as good as possible.

    The method to use different instruments is to load all of them into the Kontakt player and assign each of them to a different midi channel. Then when you set up your midi track in your sequencer you decide to which Kontakt player and which midi channel of it the midi is sent. Bank changes are not relevant here if you should have meant that.
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    Re: GPO/KP2 documentation

    Thanks,Hannes_F for your reply.

    You are quite right there are around 39 pages on KP2 in the GPO manual. "When all else fails ,read the instructions!!!!!" - too keen to try the instruments - "less haste more speed".

    My question re patches/banks arose from another forum where a reply suggested that you always have to set a track's channnel/patch/bank irrespective of the device being used. I felt sure this was not true of GPO so tried an "innocent" question !

    Incidently, I found (in SONAR) that if you set a track's channel to zero then GPO will follow the channel field in the individual events ie if you have events specifying for example channels 1 and 2 and the related GPO instance has say Piano on channel 1 and Trumpet on channel 2.That is the two instruments willl play their respective channel events. Is this behaviour well known? Seems quite logical.

    This could be quite useful if for example you had a violins 1 track and later decided a section would be better con sordino then changing the channel number for that section and adding muted violins would do the trick. An advantage would be that the violins1 line would be viewable as a continuous single line.

    Thanks for waking me up re the Manual!


    Martin Lord

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