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Topic: Harpsichords demo

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    Harpsichords demo

    We just recieved this fantastic demo from John Thomas Temps II, who plays an amazing J.S. Bach 13th Two-Part Invention on the French Harspichord from Post Harpsichord.

    John Thomas Temps II
    \"I am confronted with the same problem as many classical musicians in that I love the
    sound of period instruments but lack the funds to own them. This sampled harpsichord set by Michiel Post is simply the finest digital reproduction of a harpsichord that I have ever heard. If you are a period instrument enthusiast I strongly recommend that you look into this product. The following is a recording that I made using the sampled French Harpsichord.\"

    Check out this and other demos at: www.postaudiomedia.com

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Harpsichords demo

    Although I personally prefer the other (Flemish) harpsichord on Michiel\'s Post Harpsichord 1 disk, I concur that these are the best sampled harpsichords I\'ve ever heard and are a joy to play.

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    Re: Harpsichords demo

    I love the Post Harpsichords too.

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