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Topic: The "Gofriller" Sonata

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    The "Gofriller" Sonata

    Here is the Sonate, opus 31, for cello and piano, as performed by the Gofriller solo cello.

    Sadly, I had to alter a sequence of mixed natural and artificial harmonics, and it sort of throws the melody off-balance at one point (and the obsessive compulsive composer that I am, I'm sure that EVERYone will notice the glaring fault in that line!!! boy, paranoia works wonders on composers). I had to do this because the Gofiller only has sampled the natural harmonics, playable on the instrument. Too bad.

    I've posted this piece before, but here we get to hear a considerably more natural performance.

    The form, for those interested in that sort of thing:

    Theme: a sonata allegro exposition, two main elements, Allegro, followed by Lento.
    variation 1: Lento e rubato
    variation 2: Più mosso
    variation 3: Molto rubato (cadenza)
    variation 4: Più mosso
    variation 5: Tempo giusto (Fuga)
    variation 6: Adagio
    variation 7: Allegro


    (I noticed, while listening to this, that the volume on the cello is a tiny bit low, I'll rerecord it soon and update the file)

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    Great job on this! Loved the piano and cello parts in your composition-powerful and sensitive stuff!!. Never a dull moment! You are certainly getting a handle on the Gofriller. I really enjoyed the quieter passages of the cello, quarter of the way in. I found the piano overpowering the cello in the louder passages. Some of the nice cello things get covered in some areas.(just noticed that you noted this in your post) Bit of distortion (overload) in a few places as the piece is so dynamic) Just think what this could sound like using a seasoned classical audio mixer. We all need this! It can make such a difference. Looking forward to your remix! This is a very long piece (but as I said, never a dull moment) so that should be lots of fun. Or get Yo Yo to play it!

    I also did not entirely like the way the instruments were panned but I would leave that to some of the more experienced mixers here to comment as I wrestle with that all the time. I only listened to this on headphones by the way (albeit good ones!) SO, please factor that into my comments.

    You guys who do notation are really doing well with the Garritan solo instruments. It never ceases to amaze me... and the piano as well!

    Thanks for sharing - Del
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    when I re-record it, I'll pan it exactly the same way the studio tech panned the original "live" performance... the cello a bit to the left, the piano a bit to the right.

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    I have done the re-recording.
    Actually, when I compare the two versions (live and Gofriller) the only way I can tell the difference is that the real cellist slipped and slid a bit more (and had a few run-ins with some technically more challenging parts).

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata


    I listened to this sonate a couple of days ago where you posted it on another forum and again today. I'm happy that I can have the opportunity here to let you know how superbly wonderful this piece is. I am in awe of your compositional skills and your outstanding thought. J'ai les yeux comme de soucoupes ! C'est sublime ! Merci.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    Superb work Michel and thanks for letting us have the opportunity to hear it here. The Gofrilla is just amazing in this. And what a stunning sonata this is too! The highlight for me is the Adagio that is well placed before the final Allegro variation. It provides contrast and is beautifully crafted. Bravo!

    With admiration, Graham

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    Thank-you both, Graham and Louis (BTW, Louis, hysterical quote from HP.. I'd forgotten that one).

    And thank-you for the kind comments on the Adagio.

    Maybe a tiny bit more background on it... well, for those who care about such things, anyways, a bit of "formal analysis".

    Originally, this was a short piece for violin and piano... an "Adagio" to be exact. I then thought it might be interesting to expand upon it.. but how?

    The Adagio, as you hear it in the Sonate, is the original little violin/piano piece. I broke its two main elements into two distinct themes, which are what we hear as the first part of the sonata.

    I took a page from Rachmaninov and decided that whole theme should not be heard in its "natural" state until as near the end as possible... so the four preceding variations took shape, and it was only natural to place the intact original theme as the penultimate "variation".

    Where I "cheated" is, well obviously now that you know, that the 5th variation is in essence NOT a variation at all, but rather the real theme of the set of variations.

    So in essense, the opening, and variations 1-3 are my "sonata allegro" including a large development section that ends in that lengthy cadenza.

    The scherzo is comprised of two variations, the second of which is the Fuga.

    Then the Adagio.

    And the recapitulatory variation is the Finale.

    As a "gesture" and you could say a bit of a thumbing of the nose, the very opening and the final cadence are quite squarely in C major.

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    - Matteo
    GPO - Jazz and Big Band - Logic Pro 7.2
    iMac G5 - 20" 2GHz - 2Gb RAM - MacOs X.4.11 Tiger

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata

    Quote Originally Posted by qccowboy
    Here is the Sonate, opus 31, for cello and piano, as performed by the Gofriller solo cello.

    As you may remember, this was the first piece of yours that I ever heard (and in a General MIDI rendition long ago, I think) It is wonderful to hear it in a more perfect and "finished" form, and it reminds me why I fell in love with your music in the first place!


    - J

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    Re: The "Gofriller" Sonata


    You are an expert with Finale. I only wish you used sibelius so I could use your expertise. I have learned a lot from your posts and some of it works in sib and some doesn't, but I am always impressed with your music.

    I think you took our last discussion the wrong way, or perhaps I was too harsh in my words. For that I apologize if needed.

    I have listened to the live recoding of this (I think ) in the other place and was impressed then as now.

    Well Done


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