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Topic: Recommend forum for Finale?

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    Recommend forum for Finale?

    I just bought Finale for the first time after trying the Finale Demo. This is my first notation software. I was wondering which Forum would you recommend for Finale newbies? Thanks.

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    Re: Recommend forum for Finale?

    The official MakeMusic Finale forums.

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    Re: Recommend forum for Finale?

    Thanks. I also notice there's finaleforum.com. I think I prefer the layout of that one. Does anyone else have any preferences?

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    Re: Recommend forum for Finale?

    The layout of Finaleforum.com may be better, but the official forum has more traffic from very knowledgeable users.

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    Re: Recommend forum for Finale?

    I agree with Nickie, visiting the official forum on the Finalemusic.com website will make you the most proficient, the fastest to see the dicussion there of ways to accomplish tasks on Finale. There are even discussions about "Finale can't do this" and someone suggesting a musical notation that can't be done in Finale and then having two or three of the better experts show how it actually can be done. Several of us visit that site and are active on it every day.

    David Young

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