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Topic: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

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    first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to share this very first composition of mine, which was created using Finale 2008a and the included Garritan sounds.
    Tomorrow [F sharp minor] The title in the filename is in my native language (as you already guess, it means 'Tomorrow' in English) Have a listen and tell me how it feels and sounds

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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]


    First off welcome to the listening room.

    When I first tried to get to your music, the page sent me somewhere else and I was ready to give up. I couldn't read any of it and figured maybe this was some kind of spam or a joke.

    The second time, as I was looking at the page trying to figure out where to go, the music started. I would suggest you find a different spot for this, as this type of activity will turn off a lot of guys would would otherwise listen to your music.

    Now about the music. it is very peaceful and very good. A little too much reverb in the piano for my tastes, but that is a relative thing and doesn't mean a thing.

    This is a great way to introduce yourself here.

    Well done


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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Hello Brindle,

    Welcome to the forum!
    This is truly a beautiful piece!
    It takes you from a calm start to a deep swell and back to calm. The combination of instruments as they come in works very well.
    Thanks for posting and will look forward to hear more from you.

    By the way, I'm curious to know, what language is it???


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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Thanks for the kind words! The title is in Estonian language. Estonia is a small country (one of the Baltic states), south of Finland and west of Russia

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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Hi, Brindle, and welcome to The Listening Room.

    I was a little afraid of the site where you posted, with all the ads etc--since like most people, I've had bad experiences with some sites that are so full of graphics and pop-ups - But I plunged in anyway.

    I'm glad I decided to keep going through the site to get to your music. It's a very evocative piece, really nicely recorded. You're making the most out of the version of GPO that comes with Finale.

    There is an admirable sophistication in arrangement for this thoughtful, peaceful and reflective piece. I certainly hope you're going to be joining in often from now on.

    Randy B.

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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    This is a nice kind of melancholy piece. It's not sad but sounds reflective.

    I think the strings augmented the piano well.

    I also thought the piano could be just a little drier but just a little.


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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    It is a very beautiful piece. Relaxing and tranquil. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Thanks again everyone! I was looking to individually edit the instrument sound a bit, but all I could do with my little knowledge of Finale was to tune the volumes, and here comes my question, how can I set more and less reverb for example, to different tracks/instruments?

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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    That depends on what you're using for reverb. You can adjust AMBIENCE to your specifications. If you're using the reverb in the Kontakt Player, that can be adjusted as well. Do a search in the Finale documentation for "Kontakt Player 2". You'll find a wealth of information about the options in this tool.


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    Re: first audition: 'Tomorrow' [in F sharp minor]

    Don't know why, maybe the firewall, but I can't get to it.


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