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Topic: Gofriller and Finale2008

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    Gofriller and Finale2008

    I installed Gofriller and it works perfectly with Finale, but how does one get it to appear in the setup wizzard ? Is there a text file or how does one go about ? Thank you very much.
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    Re: Gofriller and Finale2008

    Grr! I have exactly the same problem. I got Gofriller cello and Strad in the Go-round at Xmas time. I have installed them, but they don't show up in Finale 2008a... So, effectively, they are useless to me, except for real-time playing through the stand-alone Kontakt2 player.

    How can I get them to work correctly in Finale 2008a??

    I've also heard other people have problems with the cello being an octave too low... If I find that occurs, how to get a fix for it???

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    Re: Gofriller and Finale2008

    Just to close off, I found fixes for my problems. See that thread over in the General discussion....


    Strad and Gofriller now work fine for me in Finale 2008a.

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