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Topic: new project sam stuff...

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    new project sam stuff...


    so ...they got something new coming.
    I kinda figured they would do more woodwind special fx, but the big thing, the "movie box" lib, sound interesting...odd name though.

    Hope its something playable, not "just" prerecorded fx .
    But in any event its gonna be interesting indeed!

    When are they finally gonna do some strings i wonder...it seems they are getting closer...

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    Re: new project sam stuff...

    i saw the movie box thing too, just no idea what it is. its probably pretty big - they sent out an email and the poster shows 3 discs. unfortunately i feel like it will be prerecorded stuff. still should be pretty cool. anybody know some specifics?
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    Re: new project sam stuff...

    I would guess that it is a huge collection of prerendered, multimicrophone, eq`ed and ready orchestrated sounds and fx aimed towards the scoring marked.

    Althoug im hoping for something a bit more ..well, not so loopish if you know. We shall see. It will sound great no doubdt, but it depends how detailed its broken down...unless everybody is gonna end up with the same textures.

    If its separated down to individual intruments...great! then it will be very usefull indeed.!!!

    Also, i guess the Woodwind exlusives...are like.... a proper woodind library?
    Or perhaps not, since its a dload only thing...i wish they would make a big proper woodwind lib as well, like the equivalent of True strike.

    But i guess the marked is saturated, so they are going for a different approach, and there arent that many woodwind fx around, thats for sure.!

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    Re: new project sam stuff...

    it could be excellent 'cause you could use it with any of your big library. A must for VSL, GOS or QLSO users! (sorry for others, I only wrote this 3)

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    Re: new project sam stuff...

    I hope it's not pre recorded . If we keep doing such things ( like that sony soundtracks thing, cant remember the exact name ) , directors wont ask composers anymore for some stuff , and the sound editor will just do his job , putting orchestral effects and phrases here and there, and will "mimic" the composer.

    looking forward though, thrilled.

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