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Topic: GPO for schools?

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    GPO for schools?

    mainly for Gary, but anyone else who knows can butt in. I've just started up a Music Tech course at school for the 14-15 year olds. At the moment we have 18 machines running Cubase 4 and FruityLoops, and a lot of free plug-ins.

    Next year I will get another injection of cash, because I'm supposed to introduce a course for the 16-18 year olds. I think senior management assumed that, to work at a higher level, the older students would need 'more advanced' software, and a bigger mixer or something. I didn't want to disillusion them, because it means I get more money to spend on more or less anything I say is necessary.

    I would like to invest in some decent sound sources. Not really for the Music Tech course, but for the composition students on our more traditional straight Music course - the HalionOne content is a bit limited. I know that the normal license on sample libraries would preclude installing them on a shared machine, unless every student bought a license. But I seem to remember there was something about Garritan working with the UK education system to allow for GPO to be used in schools.

    I've been to Garritan.com and Time and Space, but I can't find mention of it any more. Is there still any way to do this?

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    Re: GPO for schools?

    Hi Pingu,

    You are doing a fabulous thing training the next generation of musicians!

    We do work with the UK education system to allow for GPO to be used in schools. GPO was certified for UK National Curriculum in schools at Key Stage 3 (secondary school) and above, GCSE, A Level and into higher education related courses. You may be able to use eLearning Credits to purchase GPO.

    Here is the link: http://garritan.com/GPO-UK.html

    Please email me an I'll put you in touch with the education coordinator at Time and Space. It may be a slight delay as everyone is heading to the NAMM show but eith T&S or I will do our best to help.

    My Best,


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    Re: GPO for schools?

    Thanks Gary

    I won't actually need to do the deal for some time - I think the budget for my next course will be released in October of this year (although it may be as late as April 2009). For now I just wanted to check it was a possibility as I draw up plans. I will mail you though, so I can figure out the budget.

    As ever, thanks so much for your personal attentiveness. Another very happy lifelong customer here.

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