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Topic: Question About Samples On A Hard Drive

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    Question About Samples On A Hard Drive

    My question is . If I have a bunch of samples on my internal drive will that slow down Logic Pro 7 in anyway? And if I put everything to a external drive, do I just move the folders to my external drive and trash the folders on my internal?
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    Re: Question About Samples On A Hard Drive

    Post the specs of your computer. Get as many opinions on this as you can

    What sort of hard drive do you have? Is it 7200 rpm?

    I don't use Logic. Are you using the samples or are they just being stored there? If Logic is using the samples I think your program will slow down. But it may be negligible.

    Adding an internal drive may be your best option.

    If you get an external drive your should be able to drag (copy) the folders from your internal drive to your external. but then you will have to direct your program to look there for the samples. Once you''re happy with the set up, you can delete the files from the main drive.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure some Logic users will respond to this.


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