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Topic: multiinstrument loading??

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    multiinstrument loading??

    the multiinstruments are in the right folder, I can open them in Kontakt2, but when I close k2 I don't see the instrument/instruments in the list of instruments in the arrange window (logic pro 7.2). Couldn't find instructions on this in the new GPO manual.

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    Re: multiinstrument loading??

    Hi, Sam

    I'm not a Logic Pro user, so my reply may not be the most useful one possible - But in the hosts I've used, after loading things into KP2, I've still needed to then assign them in the host's tracks, they don't automatically appear. The instruments in Kontact are available, but I have to specifically direct a track to address the instrument - Logic Pro works differently from that?

    Randy B.

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    Re: multiinstrument loading??

    Thanks for your response, Randy. That's the way it seems to work in Logic Pro.
    I was hoping that the multiinstruments worked something like the old outboard Proteus/2 sampler that would load up four instruments ("Chamber Wind" patch) and you could chord away at heart's content and then clean up the notes where necessary. Guess that ain't gonna happen in GPO/Logic Pro.

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