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Topic: Would this Library Interest anyone???

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    Would this Library Interest anyone???

    I will be spending much of the next 6 months on tour. So I decided to hit the road with a Tibook/magma/Pro Tools rig and a Toshiba laptop for giga. This will be a killer hotel production setup.

    Then I realized I needed a few synth sounds from my synth arsenal. I always end up using several synths on one sound to give it some weight and I would really miss these sounds on the road.

    So I started putting together layers of synth sounds. Recording them into PT in minor thirds with long durations and them looping them. Import them into giga and tweek until they sound and FEEL like the original. This way all my big *** custom sounds can come with me.

    The results so far have been excellent!

    Which brings me to this thread. Would anyone else be interested in a large library like this?
    Triton, Motif, 5080, Z1, K2600, Waldorf xt, waldorf Q, access virus b, wavestation, matrix exp, and lots more, these are some of the synths these sounds start from.
    Mostly pads and nice evolving stuff. Things that move subtly over time. (none with intervals and/or chords built into the patch, I want to dicatate the harmony!!) Leads that have serious weight behind them so they fit in a track nicely.
    Plus multi layered \"meat and potatoes\" patches like rhodes, basses clavs, comp synths etc.
    Plus most of the stock sounds each of these boards are known for (just layered a bit and thickened up and tweeked).

    With these sounds I am starting to reach for my synths less and less. I can envision a day in the near future that just about all of my sounds live in Giga.

    I am considering making this a commercially available library (as I will have much hotel time to tweek and tweek!). I am just not sure if there is a market for this kind of a library.

    Please reply here or by email at edhamilton@mindspring.com.

    Thanks in advance to all. I love this forum!! and have learned much from everyone in the past few months.


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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    hi ed!

    I for one would definitely be interested in such a library. I sure do love all these fantastic orchestral libraries, but I find myself more and more searching for good synths. I sure hope you get a good response on this one, because it would indeed be a sad thing to not release that library.


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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    Here\'s how this works:

    You put it out, and I\'ll buy it.


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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???


    I\'m insterested in stuff like this, bu tI must warn you.

    synths that use PCM Waveforms as the basis of their sounds (Triton, Roland XP/JV, etc), can be problematic to release as a stand alone sampler library. Roland ahs been known to put out cease and desist orders for people who share/distribute sounds created by their XP/JV keyboards. they say it violates the same agreement that Samples are based on. How they support it I dont know. Apparently its something they try to do tho.

    You may want to consider this before embarking an anythign that doesn\'t use old school analog or analog modeling

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    King is right... watch out for \"copyrights\".

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    Don\'t release any of the standard sounds on any of the synths you own. Only release sounds you have created. That\'s only fair. (I won\'t ask if they are tweaks or completely original.)

    Only advertise \'Pads\' not \'Triton Pads\', etc.

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    I am very interested! I am always looking for good pads.

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    hm, well I\'m not interested ;-) it sounds really useless to me, it is better to use some VST instruments. Though I\'m composing electronic music ;-).

    However, is anyone interested in 600MB rhodes markII? With 4 velocities and on some keys even more? And what about copyrights? Hm ;-)

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    Thanks for the replies and emails!

    Matucha, I was certain that this library would not be for everyone. But as of yet VST instruments do not come close to the sounds I put together from several top synths blended together. This day may be coming but nothing on the horizon.

    I am not a fan of the latest virtual analog synths. Just not my taste. I find PCM based synths more interesting but one synth on its own just does not have enough character or weight. Thus the blending and layering of many synths on a single sound.

    King, Thanks for the Roland warning.
    Since no single synth would be sampled on its own and certainly not using a stock factory sound I think I would be in the clear but I would hate to have that problem.
    I am constantly seeing guys on ebay selling cd roms like \"triton sounds for your akai s 1000!!!\". I find this distastefull. But I have also been disapointed in cd roms that are full of original synth programming. The ones I have tried where full of big, percolating sounds that while sounding impressive, were unusable in a track. Plus they frequently had a predetermined harmony/tonality in them. I am sure these are good for music editors to drop into Acid and create nice sound beds but I want to dictate the harmony for my music!

    I am encouraged at the response so far. If I decide to proceed I will post some sounds for all to try to see if I am heading in the right direction. But since I am still on a dialup I guess a DSL is my next purchase.
    well maybe after I get Rare Instruments. Oh and then I need grandioso, plus VOA, and then LOP . OK I can skip getting a new car so I can get ...........!!!
    Is there a 12 step program to stop this madness?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Would this Library Interest anyone???

    You have an advantage over other developers asking the same question, in that you\'re already making the patches for your own use, and thus don\'t need to evaluate the costs of renting a studio and hiring musicians.

    Your enthusiasm for the project and the fact that you\'re using these sounds yourself will generate at least enough interest for us to eagerly download all the MP3 demos you throw together. That\'s about all you can count on at this stage, though.

    Once we\'ve heard what you\'re talking about, you\'ll get a more accurate sense of whether there\'s a viable market to justify printing and distribution costs (which could be as low as you burning CDs yourself and putting them in the mail if demand isn\'t too high).

    To summarize, you\'re on the right track, but without anything to listen to or an estimated pricerange to evaluate it in, the consumer\'s word isn\'t worth the virtual paper it\'s printed on.

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