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Topic: Bus-Powered USB Enclosure that uses only ONE USB port?

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    Bus-Powered USB Enclosure that uses only ONE USB port?

    I have a laptop and keep some of my sample libraries on a 100gb external 2.5" HD (7200rpm). I keep it in a bus-powered enclosure so I can be more portable (I don't have to deal with plugging a million things into the wall). The enclosure I have uses two USB ports -- one for power and one for data. This is fine but I only have 4 ports, so if I want to plug in my audio interface and a USB MIDI controller, I am maxed out and can't use a mouse!

    I'm afraid using a hub would detract from my external HD's performance in streaming samples (amd I wrong about this?).

    Does anyone know of a 2.5" enclosure that is bus-powered but only uses one USB port?


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    Re: Bus-Powered USB Enclosure that uses only ONE USB port?

    What kind of hard drive are you using? It sounds like something I might be interested in....

    Though I've never used this, I've really liked Tascam's stuff in the past. I had a US-428 a few years ago that never let me down...

    TASCAM US-144

    (device has MIDI I/O as well, so maybe you don't need the xtra USB?)

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    Re: Bus-Powered USB Enclosure that uses only ONE USB port?

    It's not the enclosure that needs a lot of power, it's the harddrive. Some current 2.5", 7200rpm harddrives need more than 1A of peak electric current. This is too much for even 2 USB ports, as one USB port has to provide only 0.5A of current.

    If your drive does not work if you leave the additional USB port unplugged, it is very unlikely that changing the enclosure will help. You can probably consider yourself lucky that the drive works at all without an external power supply.

    If your are lucky, you can use a USB hub to connect the other devices, but this also depends on how much power they need and if the hub supports their transfer modes. The mouse shouldn't be a problem, but USB audio devices are unsupported by a lot of USB hubs.


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