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Topic: Why is a special "codec" needed?

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    Why is a special "codec" needed?

    Zero-G sent me an email which led me to their webpage offering me a free download (as a registered user/newsletter subscriber) of a package of wav files from "Beats Working In Cuba".

    The wavs won't play in Windows Media Player or Real Play. Error message to
    the effect that they can't find a missing codec. I have version 11.0 Windows Media Player. What gives? I did get them to work in Itunes. The acid test will come when I try them in my sonar 6.0. Haven't tried that yet. But why wouldn't a wav just be universal?


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    Re: Why is a special "codec" needed?

    Okay, I tried them in Sonar and it works, so I guess the question becomes academic, since that's how I will use them. I've had this happen before with other wav downloads.

    Anyone have any insights?


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    Re: Why is a special "codec" needed?

    Windows media player has some problems with 24 bits wav files. is it the source of the problem ? :^p

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    Re: Why is a special "codec" needed?

    Yes that is true.

    I remember when the 24-bit EWQL RA and Colossus demos came out, back then I was on WMP9, and it had trouble playing them.

    Sure enough, all of my real audio software, Awave, even Audition 1.5 managed to play the files correctly.

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