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Topic: whats going on with my NI stuff?

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    whats going on with my NI stuff?

    Hey , i just wanted to hear if anyone else had been having this kinda trouble.

    Well, basicaly, i just got a new computer, and moved all my stable working software, Ni stuff as well as other things over to the new DAW.

    And shock and horror...all the NI sample based things, like GPO,Vapor k2 etc, are not realy working at all...

    it keeps crashing when loading new sounds, all the kompakt and kontakt players, basicaly all the sample based NI stuff.

    there is no reproducable pattern, just random crashes for every..aprox 10th sound loaded.

    Sometimes it just freezes, sometimes it just stops the graphix and keeps on working for 10 seconds, and sometimes the graphix goes all screwy and i get a message SOMETIMES saying there is a "windows runtime visual c+++ error" whatever that means.

    I never had this sort of issue before, and im kinda lost here.
    iv looked on the www, but i got no real answers there in regards to the "C+++ error" message...

    I should add that i have now a quad2core 2,4 cpu, and 4gbs of kingstom ram, 2TB harddrive space from 3 seperate 32mb buffer western digital drives 7200rpm, and a firewire echo audifire 8 interface running the latest drivers.
    I am also running a windows xp sp 2 32 bit os.

    the only software i installed on my machine so far is Cubase, nero, a couple of vst plugins. and kontakt\players, wich do not work well at all....

    anyone had similiar issues, and what was the solution?
    its strange, on my old pc, i had exactly the same apps installed, and everything worked perfectly. here..it does not!

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    Did you re-install all of the NI products on your new computer or did you try to somehow move an existing installation?

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    offcourse i reinstalled everything, severeal times by now actualy.
    I only have a couple of Ni apps there, cubase sx 3 and nero, plus drivers for the Audio interface.

    So i dont know, its a very clean and new computer, i dont realy understand why its crashing k2 stuff....but its damn annoying.

    Anyone actualy know what the " microsoft visual c+++ library error" reffers to?

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    I smell a graphics driver problem.
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    thats what i am afraid of, graphix, motherboard, or even ram.

    I have a pretty decent computer, the only thing that is not so hot, is in fact the graphix card, as i didnt see the need to spend loads on something i dont "use". Hmf.

    But how to figure this out?

    Also , somtimes the kontakt interface goes all screwy, especially if there are scripts in the instrument loaded, and it sort of stays warped for ten seconds, the audio is still working btw, and then it just closes the app, sometimes with an error message, sometimes nuthing.

    I never saw any audio application give me these errors before actualy...i poked about in the NI forum, but they had no clue there either.

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    This is a long shot, but ...

    Is your new computer have a dual core processor?
    Are you running Windows XP?
    Do you have more than 2GB of RAM installed?

    If the answer is yes to all three of these questions, try going with only 2GB of RAM or less and see if this clears up the problem.

    (For more details on what I went through, search this forum for my previous posts.)

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    its a quad core.
    yeah its xp.
    yeah i have 4GB`s of ram.

    but the thing is i, realy need all the memory, that was one of the good things about getting a new machine, and also i was planning on getting 8 GB actually, and xp 64 as well.

    hm, i dont like where this is going hehe, but i appriciate your help indeed.
    I will try different configurations of memory, but are you saying kontakt doesnt work well with more then 2 Gbs of ram? thats sounds odd....

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    Win XP - despite the claims that are made for it - just can't handle more than 2GB of RAM. Or, to be more prescise, audio app developers as a rule did not program for using more than 2GB of RAM in XP. Their code just bogs down and Windows spends most of its time swapping RAM. And, for whatever reason, the problem seems to be worse in multi-core processors.

    I bought 4GB of RAM for my machine, too. As soon as I took out two of the DIMMs (reducing the installed RAM to 2GB) all the problems went away. And, paradoxically, everything I did on that machine seemed faster.

    My guess is that, with current applications, you probably don't need 2GB. XP won't recognize more than 3GB anyway. If you acutally do need more RAM, you'll probably have to upgrade to Windows Vista -- but then, you'll have a whole set of bugs and compatibility issues associated with that OS.

    My best advice is to try your machine with 2GB of RAM. If the problems clear up, use it that way until they work the bugs out of Vista.

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    actulay...that realy annoys me...becouse i specificly bought a new computer to run huge orchestral arrangments in real time, and i do need all the ram i can get, so i would hope to avoid removing some of it, id rather go ahead and try Xp64 bit.

    But i do realy need kontakt as well,so im not sure yet..ill have to try out different solutions and see if there are any improvements.

    My system seems a bit slow and sluggish actualy...comapred to my old p4 with 512 ram, i would expect this one to be much more responsive..but its rather the opposite, takes ages to start wondows, and everything seems a bit...slow. xept the drives, wich are fast.

    hmf argh, what a pile of xxxx. Maybe i should have gotten a mac instead.

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    Re: whats going on with my NI stuff?

    I know how you feel. I spent two years buying and returning systems before I found out what was wrong. Nobody who should have known did. I just happened to find a post online from someone who had gone through the same thing and resolved it by cutting his RAM down to 2GB. Now I am running with 2GB and the other 2GB is sitting in a drawer. I'll use it when it's finally safe to upgrade to Vista.

    Apple has its own set of problems. The user base is much smaller. There are fewer 3rd party developers. And Apple is not very responsive to either group. At least with MS, there is a lot more pressure on the company to fix their bugs. And, if they don't, there is much more likely to be a third party work around eventually.

    I spent 2 years waiting for a fix for the Windows bug mentioned above. It's never going to come, because in the mind of MS developers, the fix is to upgrade to Vista. But at least I was able to find a work around that is better than letting my system sit unused for another 2 years. I do database development for both PCs and Macs. I have reported bugs to Apple many, many years ago, that still aren't fixed. There aren't enough programers seeing the same problems that it puts enough pressure on Apple to fix them. It's purely economics. Unless there is a big outcry that directly effects their bottom line that quarter, they'd rather put the R&D money into the next iPod design. So, my very subjective opinion is that, though you are likely to have more problems with a pc, the problems you do have are more likely to be solved (eventually).

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