Hi folks,

GS4 will due out sometime soon and I guess we fanatics are very excited to see it. Anyway, I am pondering the following:

1. I currently run GS3 on XP32. Will GS4 run in XP32 bit with 4G of RAM ? To Alanb, I saw your picture of stack VSTi in one of the post, which OS are you running ? ( If GS4 won't run on XP32, I will be forced to upgrade to Vista or XP64 )

2. Does GS4 take advantage of multi-cores CPU ?

3. If GS4 does not run on XP32, will GVI4+GPulse be an alternative ? Can GPulse be loaded within GVI ? Since I have never used GVI before, somebody may shed a light please. Pricewise would be similar as the OS upgrade takes up another good $100 or so.