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Topic: new leopard and kontakt2.4.2 updates - problem

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    new leopard and kontakt2.4.2 updates - problem

    with finale2008r1 the leopard compatible update.
    what is below here is a copy of a post i just put on the finale forum.

    yesterday i upgraded my Mac Pro Quad to 10.5 leopard. afterwards i couild not get any mac software updates which i was looking for because there has already been a 10.5.1 update. so last night with only 10.5 installed, finale2008r1 which is leopard compatible was working fine. i was putting in notes on a 400 bar file and the file would auto save fine and i could save it myself fine.
    this morning, some Mac gurus said the inabiolity to get software updates was connected to the account name and administrator functions assigned on the Mac. to get in the mac software updates, i had to add another administrator name to the list and i got rid of the one that did not work. then, i could get the software updates fine.
    BUT..... when i went to finale, i noticed that the program options for it like how often to autosave, what hard drive to put the .mus files, etc. had gone back to their defaults -' which i assumed was somehow tied to the original user account in Mac that i deleted. so i put them back in and started working on this 400 bar file again. after 5 minutes when the auto save started to save, it would not do it and gave me this message -
    While attempting to access ¨-TemporarySaveFile¨the File Manager reported an error
    This also happened when i tried to save it manually. so, i can save nothing, which means i am at a standstill.
    i tried to aiuthorize finale2008 again by reloading it but there authorization wizard does not come up. i went to the finale site and signed in and tried to authorize it there but it seems to be authorized already.
    in the process, i also went to garritan and pulled in the kontakt 2.4.2 which is leopard compatible. with all this, still, no file will save.
    anybody got any ideas??

    OK, now back to this post.
    i know this sounds strange, but finale2008r1 was great last night in this file, with 10.5 leopard. today, after changing these accounts in Mac in order to get the software updates and having 10.5.1 leopard - now finale2008r1 will not save nothing. and i have the leopard compatible kontakt2 2.4.2 or whatever - i know it is at least 2.4.
    anybody got any ideas? i will apreciate all suggestions

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    Re: new leopard and kontakt2.4.2 updates - problem

    Hello Ding

    I'm sorry but I have no solution to the problem you describe. There have been other reported problems with Finale and GPO with the new Leopard upgrade. It seems there is some bug or inconsitency in the the new upgrade that causes compatability issues with Finale and GPO.

    I have read the advice that it would be better to delay upgrading until these issues have been ironed out.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: new leopard and kontakt2.4.2 updates - problem

    Thank you Michael,
    You may be right.

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