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Topic: Concerto 20 - 2 mvt - Mozart - AKP

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    Concerto 20 - 2 mvt - Mozart - AKP


    It's the first version : (Akoustik Piano)


    i will post soon a better version with the first and second mvt
    as soon the garritan Steinway will be avaivable.

    I will buy the minus one version of the concerto.

    IF someone could make the ocrchestra part for me i will re play this piece.

    Please give send me a better orchestra version :


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    Re: Concerto 20 - 2 mvt - Mozart - AKP

    Hi, Olivier!

    I must say the AKP sounds so much better in that site than in youtube. What preset did you use? It's a very expressive preset as I can see you control the dynamics very well. I use AKP for live playing.


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    Re: Concerto 20 - 2 mvt - Mozart -


    Finally, i will make a better version as soon as possible with the new Garritan Steinway

    here a version with my old real Grand Schimmel Piano (with a poor micro of my webcam)


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