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Topic: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

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    Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    I decided to take a stab at doing my own orchestration of "Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd.

    This arrangement goes along with the version I had planned for a movie I was going to make with some friends. It was essentially a revue, comprised of various songs from Broadway musicals. Thus, this song is slightly different (mainly the ending). The melody is missing from the beginning because there would normally be singing that would go along with it.



    I've uploaded it as a Youtube video.


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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Hey Cool,

    Haven't listened yet, but I'd suggest you use something different than mega upload- non-premium users have to wait 45 seconds until they can click "download" (which is irritating), and I find the site to be a little bit busy (and therefore difficult to navigate).

    Also, you should make a high-quality mp3 instead of posting a 20 MB+ wav file!

    Just some thoughts before I listen



    I listened, and enjoyed- the blend is very nice. Perhaps it could use a little bit more reverb? Something to trick me into thinking that these digital instrumentalists are playing in a hall somewhere!

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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Yeah, this is the first thing I've posted here, so I really don't know what's best and what isn't. Thanks for the advice.


    Thanks for the review. I did put some reverb in there, but I can tinker around with that, I guess.

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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    I think if you want anyone else to listen to this, me included, you will have to go with a different site. Try box.net.

    Few of us will trust a site that makes you jump thru hoops like this site does.



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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Can you think of any sites where I don't have to pay to upload my files (and that don't create similarly unnecessary obstacles for downloading files)?

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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    I am not a premium Utube member and had no issues playing it. I was able to stream the mp3 file so it did not have to download it in its entirety first before it began playing.

    This is a very nice work and it sounds like it was written for the purpose of a movie. Thanks for sharing it here.



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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Sondheim's work can sound so strange when all you hear is the accompaniment! Nevertheless, nice work! Did you do it by ear?

    I thought the end of the song sounded strange... I know you changed it, but to me it felt like there was too much tension being built up for the end to be so short and simple. Perhaps the resolution could be extended a bit? Or perhaps just completely take out the tension near the end? Then again, maybe I'm too used to the original ending, where the tension seems to remain and the song is just sort of interrupted...

    Anyway, overall, very nice work! Aren't Sweeney Todd and Sondheim great? Man, I want to take a stab at orchestrating some Sweeney Todd melodies myself...

    P.S. Is that your YouTube channel? I've been enjoying your other YouTube music videos as well.
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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Welcome aboard, Cool!

    While YouTube doesn't do one any favors on audio
    quality, I enjoyed the arrangement.

    I might suggest perhaps using an instrument to
    substitute for the vocal line. As Sean points out,
    Sondheim can be a little difficult to sort out if
    one does not know the lead line.

    Nice job on this!



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    Re: Pretty Women (My arrangement)

    Hi, CoolZidane

    On my ANcient Windows 98 machine here, I still had no problems getting your post to play instantly, because the 'puter's hooked up on cable.

    But excellent advice on the thread--Make an MP3 if it isn't already, and get your stuff on a free Box account. Simple interface that works for most people. Obviously there's no real need for the YouTube video player for something like this.

    Sounds great! I guess I'm hearing the version which now has reverb added to it, because I liked the ambience treatment on this.

    The ending - Sean expressed very much what I would say - The song just--well, it really just plain Can't end like that, so suddenly and quasi-happily. Leaving it suspended and with us feeling a bit chilled - that would serve the music more appropriately.

    But the recording sounds very good to me! Thanks for this.

    Randy B.

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