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Topic: How to prevent Hearing Loss?

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    How to prevent Hearing Loss?

    I was mixing down a military march that I noticed a pain in my ears! After resting in the bed for 2 hours, I hear much better now.

    I did a search, I found several useful things. Just wanted to share with you guys and maybe you can add more to it.

    Preventing Hearing Damage When Listening With Headphones

    Type, Degree, and Configuration of Hearing Loss

    How to Prevent Hearing Loss for Musicians

    Professional Musician Full Custom Ear Plugs

    Free Hearing Test Products

    I just bought a pair of ER-20, and I am going to buy a dB meter to prevent this to happen again.
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: How to prevent Hearing Loss?

    Thank you,

    I relate. I am more cautious since a while but wished I had been a little earlier.

    Urgent warning: Headphones can be really dangerous. Not only because of the sheer loudness but also because at the beginning one inevitably produces distorted tracks that saw your ears even with lower volume.

    Everybody do himself a favour and buy a dB-meter that runs while working with monitors, and watch the 85 dB mark.
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