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Topic: midi cc assignments.

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    midi cc assignments.

    I'm a first timer so "Hi" to you out there.
    I'm running a CME UF 8 midi cntlr., Sonar 6.2.1 with Kontakt 3, Independence, some Chinee Kong and G.V.I.'s. on a dual quad- 8 GB ram.
    With all the literature available on midi, I've not found anything in 8 months of research and subscriptions that defines "HOW" to actually "assign and/or execute" midi cc messages. Can anyone out there advise me in this with the confiquration listed above as to how to do this. My manuals are void of anything other then "WHAT" channel assignments are.
    My immediate purpose: To load Kontakt 3 "BANKS" with East West, VSL,GOS, etc. instrument library cataloques (i.e., strings,brass etc.) to run into Sonar and my (very large) templates for the purpose of "real time" orchestral and big band mockups --with the least amount of Kontakt insertions. My example--the Jordan Rudess Motu demo work.
    Any text,tutorial referals towards this subject would be also appreciated.
    Agreat 2008 to you all!

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    Re: midi cc assignments.

    Hi Garr,

    welcome here!

    That being said in heaven's sake before you are stuck with a problem for 8 months next time, ask somebody, please! Phone the support of the sequencer program, of your library, anybody.

    Then, forget midi banks when you are working with Kontakt. This concept is not needed.

    CC means continuos controller. You play them by
    - moving the modwheel (cc01)
    - bending the pitchbend wheel (PB)
    - pressing the key of your keyboard hard (AT)
    - moving a slider

    Look up your keyboard manual how to assing the sliders to a certain cc number (in case you have sliders).

    You can also draw in cc values in your sequencer. Open a midi track, click on the tool that looks like a little window with a ^ in it and add a cc row.

    For a tutorial look here. It is for the Garritan Personal Orchestra but you can learn how to deal with cc's:

    If it is not clear after a while please ask more specifically.
    All your strings belong to me!

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