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Topic: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

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    Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Hi Im a newbie to forum, JABB and

    This is my first ever attempt at a big band type composition and arrangement..
    (It is a link to page where you can stream or download )

    I wrote it out on paper, played the parts by keyboard and edited them in GarageBand.

    If you read the comments correctly, they are not very favorable.
    I am not happy about it myself, but though it was tolerable,
    I did not find a way to get proper tonguing, if anyone has a clue I would appreciate it. Also if you have other advices I would appreciate that.

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    Senior Member sosmus's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Bellingham, WA

    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    I am an "old newbie" that really likes your piece. It has a true Basie style, sounding a lot like a Nestico or Billy Byer arrangement. There is nothing wrong with your chart as is, and I would purchase it in a heartbeat, knowing how good it would sound with a live band. However, doing your arrt.with the GJBB instruments would add a more realistic or authentic big band sonority to your demo. There are a lot of sequencing and editing wizards in this forum, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from.
    Write on!


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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Welcome to this forum, tordenspyd!

    This is certainly a polished-sounding chart; you've got the big band voicings and style down, and I would guess that you've had a lot of experience with it as a player. It most definitely shows up all the way through this tune... very Nestico or Bill Holman-esque!

    I'm a little unclear, though, as to the sounds you used; were these from JABB or from another library? There are some pretty accomplished JABB users here who would be very willing to offer the type of feedback you asked for in your post.

    I'm sure, from the sound of this first post, that you will be offering a lot of great listening for evryone here very soon. Thanks for this very cool piece!


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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    A warm welcome, tordenspyd!

    As Steve (sosmus) commented, a very well written chart,
    well thought out and a pleasure.

    Rendering... well, I'm not much of a JABB guy... lol. But
    I do know it takes time and practice to bring the best out
    of the library; and there are many here who are quite
    expert at doing so who are most willing to help.

    Sounds to me like you're already beginning to get a good
    handle on the rendering, though; there were definitely some
    golden moments in this.

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Thanks for the listen and your comments.

    As for the sounds used in the piece, the brass comes from the JABB library, while the rest came from the standard library of Garageband.

    Kontaktplayer 2 was used as a plugin ( AU plugin) for the brass.

    I would like to be able to put more expression into the phrases,
    ( expressions that add realism are the ones that are the most sought for)
    Garageband is somewhat limited with regards to what you can edit - for those who dont know. You can edit note velocities and lengths, modulation, pitch bend and sustain pedal, of which affects the JABB sounds. In addition I can assign automatiom parameters I can draw into the track, these I can assign to any knob in the K2 panel.

    I think I would like to have different layers of samples with different tonguing but otherwise similar tonal character. Is that possible? ( So far the legato switch obtained by the sustain pedal did not sound right except where I wanted legato playing as what it is intended for )

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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe


    Welcome to the forum.

    You have a fine grasp of using JABB but of course there is always room for improvement. There are experts here for JABB (I am not one of them) that hopefully will help you out getting the articulations the way you want them.

    Well Done


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    Senior Member June-Bug-Dan's Avatar
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    Yeovil, Somerset

    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Hi there,

    It has a nice feel and is very well composed, my only input is to suggest a bit more reverb to lighten up the piece.

    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Well dang - I wanted to hear this, but the site said it wouldn't work with Internet Explorer and said I had to download Firefox, which I don't want to do.

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
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    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe


    I was in the same boat as you (I also received a prompt encouraging me to get Firefox), but while reading Tordenspyd's comments at his link, I received a "Click here to continue anyway", did so, and after the song loaded in the link's player, was able to hear it. Hope this helps ...


    Liked the way the voicings became more dense as the piece evolved.


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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Shelton, Washington State

    Re: Big Band Type- Luke Warm Vibe

    Hey, this is nice man.

    It's time to move up from GB to Logic Express or other. GarageBand is very intuitive and easy to use but very limited compared to a serious sequencing to audio application.


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