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Topic: Setting GPO volume

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    Setting GPO volume

    I understand you can set volume on GPO instruments to stay up after closing so that you don't have to bump it up everytime you open Logic Pro (Kontakt2). Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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    Re: Setting GPO volume

    You could change the general volume of an instrument by

    - drawing in a cc07 value at the beginning of the track
    - moving up the slider in the Kontakt output menu
    - moving up the volume slider of the instrument while automation feature of your sequencer is running
    - moving up the mixer slider of this instrumentin your sequencer
    - moving up the main output mixer slider in your sequencer
    - introducing a plugin like GGain into the VST effects path
    - moving up the main output slider

    Take care though that the waveform is not truncated. I use s(M)exoscope in my output vst chain to make sure I know where I are.
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