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Topic: Chris Hein Horns

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    Chris Hein Horns

    How do these instruments sound with legato scripts?

    Also, are the trumpets sampled up to the high screaming notes?

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    Re: Chris Hein Horns

    I use this library all of the time. It is my favorite library for playing jazz live. I can't respond to the legato script question because with the many keyswitched articulations, one of which is a legato sample, I don't know how you would use the script and still be able to take advantage of switching between all of the articulations. For me, one of the best parts of the library is that with all of the articulations and velocity layers you can play a fairly convincing line with a little practice. But, IMHO, the samples are very clean and don't have huge amount of life in them if you don't switch between the articulations, and playing one articulation for too long makes for a very "sampled" sounding line. They are great for jazz section playing and riffs, but have a lot of bite to be able play a soft, legato line realistically, especially with the trumpet. For soft lines I tend to lean on First Call or Kick A** Brass.

    The trumpets do have high notes, I think up to a concert F or G on the main articulations, but once they get much above concert C I feel they lose some of the realism. (They just sound really clean and neat for a screaming high note!) I usually top the section with the Screaming Trumpet library when tracking, and when playing live I map the screaming trumpet in so it covers the really high notes. I have yet to find a library that compares for high trumpet. Hope that helps!

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    Re: Chris Hein Horns

    That helps a lot. If it's not asking too much could you post or link some of your tunes that feature CHH in a jazz context?

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    Re: Chris Hein Horns

    Most of my work has been with copyrighted songs for various work, so I don't feel like I can post them publicly, but if you private message me an email I'll be glad to send you a few and describe what libraries I use on each. Also, let me know what style you are most interested in hearing and I'll see what I have.

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