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Topic: east west demo cd

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    east west demo cd

    i have installed an east west demo, in which you can find intakt/kompakt programs and samlpes from Ra, symphonic orchestra, stormdrum etc.
    now, i'd like to give this also to a friend of mine, but since i cannot find the installation cd i was wonder if i had downloaded it in the past.
    could you please tell me if there is a link somewhere where to download this demo?
    or how can one ask for the demo cd?

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    Re: east west demo cd

    I don't think it was ever available as a download. I got the demo disc a couple of years ago with an east west order. Not sure if it's still available as there are newer products out now. You might want to ask on the east west forum.

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    Re: east west demo cd

    Try here, it sounds like this may be the one you are talking about

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