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Topic: GPO Libraries with PTLE & PTMP

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    GPO Libraries with PTLE & PTMP

    I'm running GPO with KP2 on Intel macs with Finale 2008 and ProTools MP and LE (labs).

    When choosing a GPO instrument for a track in Protools it reports that it is missing files. If I tell it to search automatically it finds them, though I'm not sure where. After saving the session, the instruments load fine after that. It's not a big problem, but obviously something isn't quite right

    In Library/Application Support I have two folders GPO KP2 Library and GPO Library. I assume that the second one is either from Finale or v.1 of GPO. I also have a Garritan Instruments for Finale in the Applications folder. Which of these folders do I need and where should they be located? Can I dump the Finale instruments since I'm using the full version?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: GPO Libraries with PTLE & PTMP

    Hi George,

    Garritan Instruments For Finale has a few extra things that GPO doesn't have. It is a selection of instruments from the GPO, JABB, COMB, and (presumably) GEM libraries -- I say presumably, because I haven't seen the GEM library yet, but where else would you find a sitar?
    Best Regards,

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