I recently read a reply from waltew on a post here at Northernsounds, mentioning that there is a problem with the Agere FW controller used in the newer Macs, and several firewire audio interfaces. As I have just bought a new iMac I had to find out more about this, and the info I found was not particularly happy news to me..

I've also just purchased a TC Electronic Konnekt 8 FW interface, and when I contacted their support they said they hadn't recieved any reports of problems with that interface. However, they still strongly recommend the Texas Instruments FW controllers.

Read this thread on the RME forum for some more info :


If you search Apple's forum for "agere", you'll find loads of posts regarding this issue. Of course, when I contacted Apple support by phone, they denied that this problem even exists..


This is my first step into the Mac world, and so far I'm not very impressed by Apple's cusomer service. I'm glad my local Apple shop is very friendly and helpful though. I'm redecorating my studio space, so I haven't been able to test my iMac with the FW interface, but I'll take my iMac/Konnekt 8 to my dealer in a few days to test it out.

What I was wondering is if anyone of you have come across this issue using a firewire interface and a Mac.

Kind regards,

Jon Erik