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Topic: sorry for no posting....

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    sorry for no posting....

    a lot.
    been very busy with two new cds. (cdbaby and cdozzie).
    along with that, i've been considering reporting apple's habit of hardware/software obsolesence to the Australian Fair Trading Commission.
    i'm tired of have my investment eroded very time apple "updates" an app or the os.
    for a company that's supposed to be so clue-y, how come they can never get
    anything completely bug free?
    and don't tell me it's the nature of computers. (to be buggy).
    i feel it's about time an international board was set up to investigate this "updating", amongst other things these company's do.
    i certainly do not want to spend the rest of my life chasing bugs in logic and then getting no response from the parent company. (except of course to sell you a shiny new mac).
    sorry guys, the jokes over as far as i'm concerned.

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    Senior Member caher's Avatar
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    Re: sorry for no posting....

    Hi Dave,

    There is an old joke in the computer industry:

    Larry Ellison (Oracle) walks up behind you, puts his hand in you wallet and steals a twenty .

    Steve Jobs takes a five but makes you feel good about it.

    Bill Gates takes a penny, but makes it up in volume.

    All kidding aside, this is a most difficult issue from all sides. The complexity of modern operating systems, all the assorted applications, and the myriad of hardware choices available, make complete and thorough regression testing essentially impossible. Most of the vendors (including the three mentioned in the joke) make a best effort but we all get bitten by bugs, incompatibilities and "undocumented features", etc. on a very regular basis. I deal with these issues every day in my professional life. I manage a group of systems engineers developing and support large complex systems doing very complex analysis on extremely large (Aprox 10 terabyte) datasets.

    There is a direct set of relationships between the completeness of testing, the time it takes to develop and implement, the overall quality of the system and the overall end cost. We always look for the "sweet spot", which is different for each system we support. There are no easy answers.

    In end-user software such as MS Office, the cost of development and testing is spread over millions of units sold. for a specialized application such as a DAW, the costs are spread over a few thousand units sold. Absolutely bullet proof, tested code would make the cost of the product higher than anyone would pay. in all cases compromises need to be made if a product is going to be produced and sold profitably. If it isn't profitable, ultimately it won't be produced. This also applies to "open source" software, which we use under some circumstances BTW. The costs are born somewhere, by someone. TANSTAAFL.


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    Re: sorry for no posting....

    thanks for replying.
    i'm not ranting, btw.
    too old to bother.
    i am concerned, however, with the pressure apple put on users to keep on upgrading. (they get pretty tricky with the os, app order of these.)
    now, for eg, i'm only buying used towers, coupla years old.
    at least apple isn't getting my money directly anymore.
    with SO much money to be made in computers, it's a wonder that more corporations don't get into it and give apple, in particular, a good run for their money.
    i'll be very clear: i use apple gear everyday, and, for the most part am happy.
    i just don't like their policies, especially non-communication with users.

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    Senior Member Nigel W's Avatar
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    Re: sorry for no posting....


    ok,life was indeed simpler when we could speak directly to emagic on the 'phone, I agree. But the Mac has become a mass product & as such, great value.

    I don't feel pressure to upgrade though. I'm mostly using Power Macs in the studio, and noone of us are on leopard yet. I always wait a bit... the prices drop, other people have done the "bug testing", and there's a good chance of getting a riper product. It's no different in the automobile market, actually- buying a model closer to the end of its run is often a good bet.


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    Re: sorry for no posting....

    hi nigel,
    thank you for posting.
    yeah, with the car analogy: if a car had the problems that some ppl have with upgrading, they'd take it back.
    or they'd die in an accident caused by the fault.
    but with software, a lot of the time one party blames the other, and there's no return/refund.
    a case here is VSL's performance tool for EXS24.
    didn't work properly in lp8.00, and VSL passed the buck to apple.
    because this was "old technology" to them, they didn't care.
    and certainly no refund offer.
    a lot of the time, i think these companies "improve" their product just to re-sell it.
    similar with VHS to DVD. (only a lot quicker cycle).

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