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Topic: looking for Film Orchestral Effects sample discs

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    looking for Film Orchestral Effects sample discs

    I'm trying to track down a Sample disc or discs that devote themselves to orchestral effects as used by very well known films such as, Matrix, Mission Impossible, Alien, Out of Africa etc. I have seen these samples and they have been arranged by film title, in fact those titles I have just mentioned are names that have been included on this disc. There are about 40 films used. The prefixn for these samples are either 'SA' or 'PA'. Does anyone recognise these at all? I don't think it is Symphonic Adventures or Percussive Adventures by East West, but it is close to that idea. I'm trying to track it down so that I can purchase a copy for use in the current project I am working on. Many thanks


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    Re: looking for Film Orchestral Effects sample discs

    That would be Percussion Adventures (1). The name of the patches are names of films like those you mentioned. It seems to me that it has been replaced by Percussive Adventures 2. I could only find the Audio version sold very cheap at EW.

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