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Topic: On Dasher!

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    On Dasher!

    Hey Dasher,

    Finally was able to visit your website and grab some demos. I\'m a little emabarresed at how wrong I had you pegged. Your music sounds excellent! Who\'s doing the vocals on some of those tunes on your cd? I liked the \"Hal.I love her so\" track. While light rock/jazz isn\'t my normal cup of tea, I still appreciate any style of music when it is done right and sounds good. For me as an end user it\'s hard to tell what\'s samples and what is real instruments in your music. Your use of the SI Sustain in your guitar demo was good too! You obviously have alot of experience/expertise in music/song creation. Good luck with the cd sales!

    For anyone interested in some good music and some excellent examples of Gigastudio in music styles other than classical, check out Dasher\'s site at:

    p.s. Did you have to get a mechanical license to cover \"Georgia\"? Just wondering because I\'m currently in negotiations with the folks over at Harry Fox to get a few licenses to do some covers.

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    Re: On Dasher!

    Hey, thanks, Munsie. Don\'t make me blush :0

    But one correction-except for the demos on the Gia page, none of the songs are Giga-yet. I\'m beginning to convert some of my originals over, but I don\'t have a lot of the orchestra that I want yet. I see little reason to buy a library that\'s 80% of what I need, when I have 78% of what I need in my synth stacks.

    BTW, there\'s no original material on the CD except the Guaraldi-style version of Goin\' Home,which I wrote because I HATE the Peanuts theme, and now when I get the request, I can say, \"I don\'t play it, but here\'s...)

    That\'s our duo, Dino and David: Dino Vera on drums and vocals and me playing the rest of it-on the album, it\'s all Roland SC-88 except for the organ (A-100), piano (Yamaha G3, didn\'t have Giga yet!) and drums. A couple of the basses were taken from a Roland U-220, and one acoustic bass from the Kurzweil PX1000.

    The songs on the CD are all licensed via Fox through Songfile.com. A nice place when you just need to get a quick OK to use a standard. Takes just a few minutes, and the confirmation is within a day or less.

    I suppose you could have your lawyers talk to theirs, (and it probably depends GREATLY on what you plan to do with it) but for our 500-CD run, $37.50/tune seemed cheap enough. That price may have gone up a bit since we printed last, but it\'s still pretty reasonable. I never looked into film rates, Iimagine they\'re quite a bit more...


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