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Topic: "No Garritan Libraries found! Please reinstall GPO or JABB"

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    "No Garritan Libraries found! Please reinstall GPO or JABB"

    I just installed GPO v.3, with the idea of using it along with my music notation program (MIDINOTATE COMPOSER by Mark Walsen). I also installed ASIO4ALL v.2.0, and Garritan Studio v.2.0, using the suggested default directories.
    GPO works well in standalone mode. But I believe I must use it in plugin mode to make it work in conjunction with my notation software, and here is where my problem starts.
    When I click the GPO Studio icon I get this error: "No Garritan Libraries found! Please reinstall GPO or JABB". If I then click on one of the 8 numbered icons in Studio, a pull down window opens that lists "Jazz Big Band and Personal Orchestra" grayed out (unavailable) and "None" active.
    After reinstalling GPO the dreaded error warning reappears. I cannot load instruments into Studio for some reason.
    I have GPO-KP2 Library and GPO Studio both in a common folder (named GARRITAN) located in the Program Files directory. Native Instruments (including Kontakt Player 2 and Service Center) is in a separate folder, also in the Program Files directory.
    I have gone through the GPO manual, the GPO Studio guide and the ASIO4ALL guide and followed the instructions the best I could (I admit being a beginer in this matters). I also tried to follow the tutorial "Using GPO in MidiNotate Composer" but I could not make it work due to the fact that it requires being able to use Garritan Studio. I also contacted Native Instruments but they could not assist me with the use of Studio and suggested posting my problem here.
    To make it more confusing, I read in this forum this quote in answer to somebody else's inquiry: "You can't load Kontakt Player 2 into Garritan Studio. Studio was created for use with Kontakt Player 1 and doesn't support KP2. Neither does it have to, because KP2 does most of what Studio does".
    So #1 do I need or not Garritan Studio to play GPO instruments with my notation software, and #2 if I do, how do I go about loading GPO instruments into it.
    I hope some expert in this forum can help me with this issue. I would appreciate being told what am I doing wrong. Thank you so much for your help.
    PS: my system includes Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz processor, RAM 3.5 GB, HDD 500GB , Windows XP SP2. Sound card: C-Media Oxygen HD chip PCI 32-bit multichannel audio processor (Bluegears b-enspirer).

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    Re: "No Garritan Libraries found! Please reinstall GPO or JABB"

    Studio doesn't support KP2. You use KP2 standalone with a Virtual MIDI cable like MIDI-Yoke to connect KP2 with your notation program.

    So, answer to #1: You don't need Garritan Studio. You need KP2 and MIDI-Yoke (or something similar).

    Once installed as a driver, MIDI-Yoke appears in KP2 as well as your notation program as 8 (16 with the latest version) in/out midi ports, 16 channels each.

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