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Topic: The overture to the musical I am writing

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    The overture to the musical I am writing

    This is the overture to a musical a friend and I are writing, entitled "Madhouse." The music and lyrics are written solely by me.

    "Madhouse" is a comedy about a psychiatrist (Dr. James Daniels) who is sick of dealing with patients and his persistent wife (who is certain he is having an affair). So, with the help of his friend Walter, he concocts a scheme to put his current five patients (also known as the Quazy [Qu-ay-zee] Quintet) in a hotel for a weekend and work try to cure them all before the weekend is out.

    The songs featured in the overture are (in order):

    The Quazy Quintet
    The Casa Paris
    Quick Fix
    I Could Get Along With You
    The Sand, The Sun, And The Sea

    This is a book musical, with less of the modern style of frequent singing and more plot. But that's irrelevant right now. What matters is this:




    As an additional note, my friend and I are juniors in high school, and we intend to pitch this to the Performing Arts instructor as a possible musical next year. Thus, the orchestration in this is written for a smaller orchestra.

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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing


    I really enjoy it when you young guys post. I wish I had software like today's back when I was in high school. Back then my imagination was limited to what I could personally play eitther on guitar or piano and then as now, that isn't very much.

    I also posted an answer to your qeustion about sibelius. There doesn't seem to be a lot of sib users here, but the few that are, will help when they can.

    I wish you the best of luck with your Performing Arts instructor.

    Well done


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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    Thanks. I actually managed to figure it out and used Audacity for this.

    And thanks as well for wishing me luck.

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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    Very catchy melodies, very nice work; these songs will probably stick into audiences heads easily. The premise of your show sounds like a great idea; there's a lot you can do with it musically and quite a lot of funny dialog that surely must be fun to write!

    Mix-wise, some things jumped out at me that in my opinion might be improved... The timpani at the beginning seemed to suffer a bit from the machine gun effect and some extra reverb might help those saxes later on sound a bit more real. But of course if you actually had the treat of having a real ensemble performing this, you won't have to worry about such things...

    I truly hope you can get this performed; though there are many fantastic musicals out there, having the chance to let students put something new into the world is quite a valuable thing! But whatever the instructor decides, keep up the good work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    Yeah, I'm new to a lot of the inner Garritan workings, so dynamics still need some work. That timpani roll at the beginning was supposed to be a forte-piano, but that didn't work. Mainly, this is just a rough idea of the sound more than anything else.

    On the other hand, it's nice to hear that my melodies are catchy. And, yes, the dialogue is fun to write as well. My personal favorite line: "You have to learn to be tolerant of these people. They're not like you and me."

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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    Stick-to-the-ear melodies, good energy, and, very
    importantly, solid transitions throughout that work
    smoothly and well.

    Cool work on this, Cool.

    Sean's notes on the rendering I likewise go along
    with; that, and this seems rather dry, to my ear.

    Keep it coming!



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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    HI, CoolZidane!

    It's very exciting for me to see someone else here writing theatre music. A stage musical has been my main project for several years now, so it's great fun when another Forum member shows up with something written for the stage.

    AH, I loved hearing this - Wonderful, with plenty of nods to the older style musicals from the 40's and 50's. Great fun.

    If you're concerned about having an even better recording, this needs more reverb treatment to make the instruments sound more authentic.

    The line from your script you quoted - "You have to learn to be tolerant of these people. They're not like you and I." - That's said by the central psychiatrist character? If so, it would be best for him to use correct grammar, which would make it "...not like you and me." Check that out.

    Loved this - Hope you get the school to put it on!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The overture to the musical I am writing

    That grammar is my mistake. I'll fix that. On another note, that line is said by the owner of the hotel, H.P. Rollencroft, to the manager, John Gatlin. But the grammar mistake was not intentional.

    As for the recording, the idea there was just to get a feel for the sound, so reverb in this case isn't that important for me.

    Thanks, by the way!

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