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Topic: Questions about the new Aria based organ samples

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    Questions about the new Aria based organ samples

    Let me first say that I was very excited to hear that a new Aria-based organ sample set is coming out. I like the quality of the GPO organ samples, and so now having a more robust sample set will be excellent.

    How will the stop changing system work? Will it be live performance able? The current Konakt Player 2 system seems to be a little cumbersome if one wanted to play live with multiple stops and then add or subtract stops.

    Will there be a virtual organ console on screen where one could see the stop knobs, combination and coupling buttons, manuals, pedals, expression pedals, etc? There are other software titles that use this system and it works out very well. One can either use touch screens to bring stops into registration or cancel them, or they can have a physical MIDI board with buttons that route MIDI data to the application to turn stops on or off.

    Will there be the ability to bring the swell stops under expression?

    How many stops is the organ projected to have?

    And finally...the big one, how much is it projected to cost?

    Thank you all very much for your time, and I do understand if you can only answer some, or maybe none of my questions. May God bless you.


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    Re: Questions about the new Aria based organ samples

    Hello Tyler,

    So many questions there

    I'm just as excited about this new library but as it's just been announced I don't think it will be available for a while yet. Gary has so many other things on the boil .. unless he has a big surprise up his sleeve waiting to spring on us .. will be more like a shock I think.

    I don't think anyone has any answers to your questions at this time except Gary and his team.

    Another toy to look forward to .. where is all this going to end I ask myself
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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